Mud Wrestling- for Sexy Sake

15 10 2007

Got the Stripper Blues? Take in a little Mud.

This is a public shout out to all of my supportive contributors that helped me through my recent depression- hopefully the Showgirl School will become bigger and better. I take all recommendations seriously. I aim to develop my prose into articles that empower women in the sex industry. Ive been reading other mission statements from people who have similar goals as Naughty Nurse Mika and Mystery Mika.

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of getting some mud in my eye. The Mudqueens of Chicago performed at Cafe Dulca on Damen Avenue as part of the Around the Coyote Arts Festival. What a splendid presentation of dirt slinging. Check out their site:

The set reminded me of an original Star Trek episode- raw and artsy. The wrestlers with names like: Velma Pompadore, Pippi Jawstopping, Lug Nut Lucy, Maggie Mayhem and Folsum Prison Manhander took the audience by the juggler.

All were dress to claim the honor in the ring for charity with outrageous colorful gold shorts,ripped t’s, ruffles, stripes, glitter, camouflage and leg tights. During the show, I envisioned drawing a fun loving crowd for mud wrestling at Bobby’s Bar. I wonder if it would work out to introduce them. They would probably need to wear nylons like we do. How funny would that get. Mud and nylons…. talk about panties painted on!

Oh I would love to give it a try. Now that would be something to blog about. I would need to wait until my milk is all dried up to wrestle. The pressure of another pair of tits with nothing but mud between us would not be good full of milk. My tits aren’t that kind of tough.

Part of the proceeds for the Mudqueens events goes to The Young Women’s Empowerment Project. Check it out the philosophy makes sense.

Mystery Mika is now a groupie… I want the poster, the pins and anything else they have for sale!



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