Fear Itself

18 10 2007

In the list of common fears, the fear of sexuality is a choking and paralyzing pain in the ass. Sex is scarier than the need to rename the 13th floor which is ‘missing’ in many hotels thanks to

Triskaidekaphobia (the fear of the number 13) which goes something like this- if you have 13 letters in your name, you will have  the devil’s luck or

if 13 people sit down for dinner together all will die within the year.  

Whether or not you are superstitious, fear can be responsible for some heart palpitations and some outbreak of hives. Some people are afraid of public speaking, getting fat, insects and going to the dentist. Others nearly pass out just by being in the dark or in a crowd.

Horror is something that popular culture seems to love to hate.

Le Manoir du Diable was our first hint of a vampire, spine creeping, horror film. It was directed by Georges Melies in 1896 and only ran 2 minutes but the fascination with being frightened to death has gained a life of its own.

People are afraid of all sorts of things: fears of failure, success, being judged, emotional pain, abandonment and rejection.

Hollywood has been making an avalanche of money off of fear.

The greatest, scariest movie moments was complied in October 2004 by Bravo. Here is a short list from http://www.filmsite.org/horrorfilms.html.

Bambi 1942- the scene where off camera Man kills Bambi’s mother. I was scarred for life by the shot fired.

Audition 1999, Jp

American Werewolf in London– the scene where he transforms into a werewolf

Army of Darkness 1972, Altered States 1980, Alien 1979, Battleship Potemkin 1925 USSR- scene where baby in carriage slips down staircase- later 1987 The Untouchables did it again!

I find those scenes to be absolutely dreadful. Once the seed is planted, I am constantly terrorized. I imagine losing my grip whenever strangers offers to help me descend stairs with my stroller.

Here’s a few more: The Birds 1963, The Black Cat 1934, The Brood 1979 ahh the list goes on. The movies are available for sale at that web address- they don’t give me any money so scroll up!

All I care about is making another Mika observation handy to all of my Cadettes.

If you are a stripper and you call yourself entertaining then you will make more money having something to talk about. More people will be interested in you and enjoy your company if you offer real entertainment. Real entertainment is deeper than juking.

ahh that sounds really bad.

If you don’t know anything take some time to learn some trivia. This a tried and true vet stripper trick and treat. Pick a subject ANY subject. Research the hell out of it. Search the Internet for Facts and Fiction related to that subject. Write each fact down and learn it. Practice throwing it around in conversation. Have your customers guess what is true or false. Watch their faces light up. Suddenly you are tons of fun and stand out from all the other dancers who just walk up and say: hi, you want a dance?

On a lighter note, my vampire story is collecting dust. I feel like I need to hurry and give it to the world before people are no longer captivated or alarmed by the madness that unsettles my heroine.

What terror of the unknown scratches at your vulnerabilities? How do you use Halloween to play the game of trick or treat?

Notoriously Halloween is a bad day to work in a strip bar unless the club is hosting a big costume bash- it s difficult to draw in a crowd. Most people are busy attending private parties, work parties, or taking their children on decorated neighborhoods tours.

Hopefully I’ll pull it together in time to post my little vampire story- this post was suppose to set the stage for a spooky story instead I started preaching… again
Please hold tight. Something horrific is in the works.

I feel a stiffness in my neck. I woke up exhausted as if I’d been out all night. Food is uninteresting to me… and the simple light from the computer screens burns my eyeball.



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