What is Playing House

18 10 2007

All day it has been in the news about Portland School Committee passing the vote in favor of King Middle School’s health center to write prescriptions for contraceptive pills. My favorite quote is from Richard Veilleux who is the executive director of the Maine Assembly of School based health care.

Veilleux says This isn’t encouraging sex. This is about the kids who are engaging in sexual activities.

Based on 17 pregnancies at its 3 middle schools in the past 4 years and the fact that 5 out of 134 students who visited the health center admitted to having sex. The committee designed a plan to avoid untimely pregnancies.

It was also pointed out within the discussion that many of these children do not have a strong parental advocate present in their home.

I applaud the young girls for being honest and seeking help from their school’s nurse.

Why do you think such young girls would be sexual active? I didn’t have sex for the first time until I was 16 and then I was so uncomfortable afterwards it was almost a year until I tried it again.

Are these young girls being forced to have sex? Are they just curious? Are they lacking attention from their parents? Is it competition for popularity? Do they have a tilted idea of what love is? Or is it something in the commercial milk kicking them into gear early?

When I wrote my post Motherless Mothers I could tell by my blog stats that my readers got mad at me- as if it wasn’t my place to be talking about what is good for young girls. Education is good for young girls.

For the record, I advise young girls and teenagers not to engage in sex. There are several ways to express yourself without having sex.

Before you try to talk to someone about sex even though you are grown- you might want to consider learning more about sex and erogenous zones and the affects of hormonal changes in human beings.

I urge every parent to pay attention to their children ideas and help the children to build their self esteem through hobbies and communication.

My children rarely watch television. I don’t have cable or an XBOX. They are encouraged to write, draw and play individual sports. We talk all the time.

Many parents work 8 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week, plus commute to and from work. I’ve done it too. It is exhausting and leaves very little time to mind meld with your children. When children are left alone in their room, in front of the television or given free run without curfews and checking in- anything can be in the works.

I constantly tell my children that I am on their side. In order to be a good mother, you must love the work and be up for the changing job description.

I know that the Bible says that your husband comes before the children- I can’t do it- NO Man comes before my children – sorry.

When I talk about sex- we draw 3 columns: Life b4 Sex, expectations of Sex,  the relationship after Sex. ahh I could talk abut this forever but

I have a life to lead and manage.

If you would like for me to have more time to write because you all gain insight from it- hit my donate/ support button at the top of the page….

I would love to research and unscramble the world for ya. You would be surprised.



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