25 10 2007

I’m not a Scientist or a Doctor but I didn’t start coughing like a fool until after sitting front row on Staten Island as the Twin Towers came stumbling down on September 11.

Then like a bigger fool I marched right down to ground zero to take pictures of the ashes.

My advice to all the folks out in California chasing the Witch Fire with a camera-


the photograph isn’t worth coughing up a lung for the next 6 years.

I never really even write about this mysterious lung condition of mine- the jury is still out on how it comes about and why… bad air doesn’t help- I can tell you that much!

Wear a Mask in smoke filled regions.

But then I’m not a doctor and won’t ever be able to work as a nurse again- my lungs aren’t strong enough!

At least I can still be Naughty Nurse Mika.



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