Striptease Wedding Cupcake

26 10 2007


Hi Mika Showgirl Cadettes, 
It's Betsy here with my butter cream frosted, red velvet, wedding cupcakes!
Yummy delights with cream cheese surprises.
Mika: You had 2 different frostings?
Betsy: In this case- I made it happen.It added to the work load. 
Some of the cupcakes were carrot with cream cheese and others where red velvet
with butter cream.

Betsy continues: When I met with the bride and groom about their wedding cake they
wanted something different.  She knew she wanted red velvet cake but
didn't like traditional wedding cakes.
We agreed cupcakes were the most appropriate for this down-to-earth couple. 
Music is the center piece of the young couples' live together.
The groom is a bass player who plays in a few bands in Chicago.
The whole wedding was filled with music; accapella singers, bass solos,
two bands (Hardscrabble and The Thin Man), a DJ, and much more.  
As the Bride walked down the isle, a duet
was being performed by a stand up bass player and a woman playing a musical Saw.

The Bride wanted to incorporate all of this into the presentation of the cake!
After many sleepless nights, we came up
with the idea of creating a scene surrounding the cupcakes implying
the were "getting busy" nearby and were not to be disturbed.
The whimsical Bride tracked down miniature replicas of their wedding attire;
her gown and the groom's rose colored shirt!Even the groom's boxer shorts and socks!
I positioned the miniature stand up
bass on the top tier of the cupcake tower with a little note reading
"Do Not Disturb!"  and then placed all of the doll clothing about the tower as if 
they had haphazardly taken them off.
The Bride wanted home style cake that reflected the newlywed's sense of
fun and southern roots. 
The theme may also be done beautifully on a traditional cake. People have a hard
time resisting cupcakes because they can take on many forms- from
rustic to classy.  You can dress them up or dress them down to your
liking and before you know it they are all gone!  
I think the important thing to remember is to bring your personal taste to
every aspect of your wedding.Think outside of the box.
I love working with imaginative couples that want to try new things and
aren't afraid of color. I look a wedding cake as a piece of edible
art, it is a blank canvas to paint a picture on .  In the case of the
striptease cupcake I got to "paint" a pretty vivid picture that I know
will be talked about for a long time.
Mika: How long have you been a patisserie chef?
Betsy: About 2 years.
Mika: How long did it take and what school did you attend?
Betsy: I went to the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago.
I was in the 1 year program which includes an internship- I earned a Associates Degree.
Mika: Was it expensive?
Betsy: between 25 and 30 thousand- I'm still making my payments-
I got a student loan. It's not that much of a headache.
Mika: what is in the mix right now?
Betsy: My desserts for Friday October 26 are: Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding,
Aunt Ruby's Apple Slices A La Mode, Pumpkin Cake.
The decadence dreams are being served at Bite Cafe, 1035 North Western Avenue in Chicago.
Brian Ferguson is the Head Chef and I am currently the Pastisserie Chef.
Mika: Yesterday, I enjoyed your Molasses Spice Cake served with a light cream cheese frosting
caramel dripped over the sides. It was crowned with freshly whipped cream.
I squealed for mercy at every single bite.
Betsy, You are the cat's meow.

Betsy is available for your special occasion contact:




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