Sexy School Madam

31 10 2007

Nose against the grindstone! In this life you must work double… sometimes triple! I never ask anyone around me to work any harder than I work myself.

If your wood is dead, keep it outside. Don’t bring it around me- I have no use for it.

Are you hooked?

Well Cadettes Mystery Mika has started a new blog.

It is as if I’ve been sitting in a desk right besides you and I’ve decided to put my theories about people and conversation to the test. That is a test without using sex topics as the  hook. Let’s see what happens.

My regular readers all know that I got extremely depressed when I got flagged as Mature.

I don’t talk any worse than a rap lyrics and furthermore I am not advising people to do or engage in risky behavior- here I am encouraging education and reflection about sexuality.

Young sex workers need a voice to describe in detail the consequences of getting paid for sex. What better way to discourage prostitution than to talk about the graphic details. I am pretty poetic about it. Whatever, I am tired of defending myself.

I’ve started a brand new blog. New topics, new quotes, new source.

Women do what they need to in order to survive. We are all trying to survive. In my new blog, I talk about ways to feel good about yourself the morning using the words of our elders.

I am rediscovering myself and reinventing myself in response to the constant demand of change from my audience and society.

The show must go on! Hopefully cloud9artwork will illustrate my journalist abilities and open new doors for me as an artist. I want to be taken seriously. Controversy is so much fun these days. I just want to take it easy. Hopefully the young ladies that are not LAZY and really want to learn something will check out what is  being collected on the new blog and continue to search within themselves for rich themes. I want all women to go higher.


Who would know if I said that it was all my idea- actually one of my customers that reads this Showgirl blog regularly introduced the bare bones of the idea to me- but I am running with it.

check it out at: http://www.cloud9



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