Illusions, Interviews and Fang Face

3 11 2007


Question: How do you make money as a Stripper?

Mystery Mika: Can you sit with a placid poker bimbo face while starring into the eyes of a horned out man?

Horny men are impatient, jumpy and their hands are sometimes sweaty. Men who have gotten off recently but are insatiable are more calm. These men are having fun with the chase… but they do plan to catch you in the end.
My favorite men are the ones who are all talk because I am all talk.

Over the years I have attracted my regular customers that appreciate jokes, stories, art, holistic heath and dogs.

I remember the day that I became a dog person- I was performing as Naughty Nurse Mika at Scores Chicago. Introducing myself with a big smile…

He would say- well you are mighty happy tonight… and I would say… ah I just got the ugliest little dog. She’s the biggest mess, we are perfect for each other!

Believe it or not- my intro didn’t change all night. Occasionally I would get the wrong response to my intro like- ‘ah my dog just died or I’m allergic to dogs’

Your theme can be whatever you are interested in

In which case, I would offer a smooch and move on

The idea is to keep the conversation moving and make your way around to as many people as possible who have just arrived. Then make a second round and pick up the conversation where you left off… ‘ you know, this is my first dog since I was a teen… How many times should I walk this little runt?’

I find that most of the time by the end of the second question and response, the guy is ready for a dance- things moved pretty quick for me as Naughty Nurse Mika because I gave a heck of a back rub.

Remember Cadettes- if your product is good- there is no need for convincing- Good products sell themselves.

Now I am completely stepping out my Naughty Nurse Gimmick and into gathering new information. On I will interview people that I have always found helpful, interesting and self starters.

We will be applying our skills and marketing techniques to mainstream products, businesses and food.

In the end it is all about achieving a more peaceful America

The interview process is a very tricky situation. The idea is to get people to talk openly and informatively.

I study David Letterman, Conan, Matt Lauer, Oprah, Barbara Walters etc.

When the interview is the end result that you are presenting to the audience it is only a little different than when you are interviewing a person to make them like YOU and want to spend money with You.

Most of the time David Letterman is performing the interview- following the interview is a plug for a new book or movie. Over the recent years politicians have sat down with David Letterman because even they realize that the format opens doors for them to be more human.

It all comes down to information. If you are wearing a bikini in a room full of women also wearing a bikinis then you may stand out if…

you are the sexiest

your body is the most proportioned

your presence is magnetic

the color that you are wearing compliments your complexion

if when you open your mouth your voice matches your look

you know what to say

you can sense what to say to whom

After 182 posts about making money in the sex industry without having sex it really comes down to how well you as an entertainer can pull off the above list.

If you can’t do 5 or more very well or are too lazy- you will end up feeling bad about yourself or fucking to get the bills paid.



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