Writers Block Erica Kane

5 11 2007

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Over the years she has managed to come up smelling like a rose but what will happen next with the dawn of the Hollywood Writers Strike? Isn’t it about time the Bitch just rolled over and died!


I can’t speak for every seriously thirsty wanna be writer out there hoping for a break. It would be a tooth clinching fanny wag if the writers strike worked in my favor

Like some important people getting very antsy- needing new content so badly that they called my 900 number daily begging me for a few lines to float the Soap.

Finally my big fat check!

This morning Mystery Mika took to the street… interviewing a few Wicker Park artists/ writers about crossing the picket line:

Joe: bah hum bubba hollywoody

Sara: No, I wouldn’t cross- I already have too many flat irons on my poky

Dave: No but I don’t have kids. I wouldn’t blame you if you did though

Bloom: Yeah and I give all of the mega soap opera babes diseases- when the dust is cleared the regular writers would return and bring everybody back to life- it would be so awesome!

Frank: no let them sweat- do you know how many scripts I’ve sent in! 100’s… you know how many of my story lines have ended up on T.V? 100’s! Do you know how much money I’ve made? Zilch! Nada! ITTLCH… Thieves! Close down television for alll I care.

Barb: There’s a writers strike? I thought they were putting all the writers in jail and out sourcing the lawyers from Pakistan.

Well there you have it folks my completely made up story. Completely made up interviews… twisted but hardly evil enough to land me a job. The thong is still pasted to my ass and I will never apologize for taking care of my children.

Green is the Answer.




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