What’s neat about Twitter.com

7 11 2007

Blogging is all about getting to the point. The first 140 characters really does make or break if you get a hit or not.

Twitter is great exercise for your thoughts and a kiss to the addiction of just saying something to anyone listening

Personally I think your success on Twitter depends who you Follow just like in the strip bar!

As far as twitter is concerned I’m the new kid… if you are a new girl you gotta watch who you follow and who follows you… I like the geeks for information and the clowns for entertainment.

Tonight I learned that there was more going on in Vegas than gambling rhinestones- there’s a blog world expo!

What are you doing? Magical. I’ve thought of all sorts of ways to make this twitter nudge expand my working vocabulary. However so far I have just been enjoying not keeping in step with being Naughty Nurse Mika or Madam Mystery Mika- the stern mother hen.

When I twitter I am just a blogger- doing the pedestrian multi tasks of freeing my mind for writing and of course attempting to drive traffic to my Showgirl Blog.

If you happen to catch me on twitter- don’t expect to see the same ole Mystery… I’m always trying to reinvent myself- it is the only way to survive being a naked wet noodle.

One day micro blogging and twitter might be the first thing a guy asked a girl before he asks her out on a booty call.

Do you twitter?



2 responses

19 11 2007

Just found your site via Twitter. I’m one of your new followers and look forward to your tweets!

I’ve found that I just blog about life more with Twitter. Since the format is short, I can’t argue I don’t have time, and since I can post from my phone, I can’t argue that I’m not in front of the computer.

24 11 2007

I’m getting a kick out of your Tweets. Checking out some of your blog posts, too, although not sure if I’m your target audience =).

Hope you keep on keeping on with your blogging, too. I mean, someone asking “Do you Twitter” as a pre-booty call ine is good stuff!

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