Eating Out

7 12 2007

Hello Cadettes.

Everyone eats out in one way or another. More and more men tell me that their wives refuse to have oral sex. I can’t believe it given how fixated women are on their mouths. Dick has no calories but most wives would rather eat something fattening.

Some men say that their wives are very traditional and would never suck their dicks.

Food is more comforting. Men eat to replace sex. Women eat to replace Love. Everyone lies about what they eat. Ass, dick or food- all seems to be worth lying about.

Cool. Tell me about it. If you just want to keep it between us then I won’t publish the Sinful eating delights.

Maybe have a little built up frustration. The club has been slow and again I’ve been hunting for a new spot. But I don’t want to go backwards into a scene that doesn’t let me grow.

My new blog gives me a bit of Art Therapy.

What about the Showgirl School? I don’t know. That’s entirely up to you.

I’ve been holding out on you Have given up on you? Yes. However I have not forgotten your dumb asses Hell no! It’s Christmas and I’m broke as a mothera f**ka. I’m just on my hustle with no time to write for free. Ya bitches don’t everva call Momma. 900.787.6642 to check on a old school bitch.

So, I’ve done switched it up again. Call my Black ass to CONFESS your food sins. If you are fat and secretly ate 20 Twinkies. call and Confess.

If you ate some ass last night so you could buy Christmas presents. Call and confess.

If you ate your sister’s pussy for real at a two girl show and you could’ve gotten paid to fake it. Call and confess

Or if you a just obsessed with real steak and eggs and your a forced to do anything to put it on your plate

That’s means Dinner Hoes can call and confess.

If you are a Sugar Daddy and you just like to feed a bitch because that’s how you roll but you don’t really consider That tricking off

Check out my new site

And then call and confess

Sometimes it feels better to just something off of your chest- just to tell somebody. Lighten your load so you have room to think up something else that is very wrong.

Naughty thoughts take up more space in your soul.

Confess your what if’s

For example: What if I put her pussy juice with my coffee will it make her loyal to me?

What am I gonna do with your confessions?

I could pray for you but I’m not associated with any creed or religion

I’m an earth bound writer and could care less where in hell you in up

Mystery Mika just wants to collect your confessions for all the world to read in on place.

It may be a fun New Year!



One response

14 12 2007

I’ve got the opposite problem. My wife will eat dick, but won’t let me eat her. Very frustrating and disappointing.

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