Pawing Strippers

17 12 2007


After licking my wounds from yet another Internet censorship- Mystery Mika is up for the challenge of discussing a deep, throbbing Stripper Issue- TOUCHING.

Women who don’t dance wonder with goose bumps how we do it- that is how do we ‘bed dance’, ‘wall dance’, ‘lap dance’, ‘pole dance’ for men we hardly know in front of other people we hardly know.

Some married women don’t even feel comfortable with their husbands touching them- which doesn’t mean that they would make horrible strippers.

The defining protective bubble is all in your mind. The one thing about dancing is that if you don’t like how one guy is treating you- in most cases you may be able to excuse yourself and wait until a gentleman that suits you walks through the door.

First let’s laugh out loud at how the paw laws vary from state to state. For those of us who actually move around, it can become very confusing trying to remember what is allowed when and where.

The object on the game from the dancer’s perspective is to make our customers as happy with us as possible thereby earning the most tips available without going insane.

It is one thing to put ourselves on display and yet another to get touched all over.

#1.Get into Character distancing yourself from your Stripper Within

#2. Stay in Character all night- this is called performance

#3. Remember that the role you play at work in the club is not you.

I do not recommend drugs and alcohol- if you need to be drunk in order to dance then you are in the WRONG business.

Getting into character means bringing in a new ego with a different set of boundaries- Real actresses do it every time they get in front of the camera. It is the same thing for stripping. Except for the HOT leading man part, of course.

So Now that you are in the club and have on your costume you are ‘Patty the Entertainer’ not Sue the girl next door. You must believe it and be able to walk in and out of it at will- not someone else’s will. You must have full control of your mind and body. You must stick to your designed boundary laws no matter how much you want to make money.

If it is your first time in a particular club, it is a good idea to watch the floor and stage as the other women work the crowd. Watch what is being done, and pay attention to the rules that are actually followed. Decide from jump street what your comfort range is. Realize that some days are not going to end with walking out the door with cash because you don’t lower your standards.

Early in my career I devised a way around getting touched because it gets annoying when men who don’t know what the hell they are doing try to ‘help’ you out by touching within the erogenous zone.

Let me say this- women don’t need help getting off, most of us don’t go to work hoping to get off nor do we want dirty little fingers in our pussies. It is not helpful and I’d rather be walking my dogs.

Men fantasize that women like being touched to make themselves feel better for touching.

I don’t mind touching by wall dancing and lap dancing as much as I mind getting touched.

Mika is famous for rendering men helpless by beating them at their own game. I have formulated a chair massage that is for entertainment purposes only- my rub relaxes men.

The human body has various pressure points. Most men have sore joints and tight neglected muscles from working hard or sitting all day.

Naughty Nurse Mika addresses these male stress points so well that men crave it, return for it and are too busy getting it to worry about touching me.

Thank God.

Thank God I have found something to offer to keep ’em satisfied and coming back.

I took 250 hours of massage therapy classes 15 years ago and used to be a Nurse Technician before Sarcoidosis hit me. I am familiar with human anatomy and scope of practice.

I keep my chair rub down simple and fun. Nothing fancy or therapeutic.

When a man comes into a strip bar- he’s looking for quality company. The best way to give him that is not by allowing him to grab and grope but to ease his mind.

Think about that Cadettes.



One response

22 12 2007

Please consider this perspective on the subject matter. The mark walks into the Club where there are 15 ladies in competition to attempt to relieve him of $20 + for a dance. You have a short opportunity to introduce your self, and to break the ice. Your arm goes around him; your face moves inches from his in order to display affection, and psychological intimacy. Something new, different he hasn’t experienced from his wife or girl friend for some time. In this moment as you rub his back or shoulders, you quickly introduce yourself. He see’s you as being affectionate and interested. You strike up a brief conversation and he finds you both attractive and charming. He doesn’t know it, but you have now disarmed him of his $20 dollars for a dance or massage. Depending on the man, he can either allow you to touch him (i.e. Mika’s massage) or because you started the physical contact he starts to “paw” you. Unfortunately, it goes with the territory, and the fault of getting pawed is your own. You need to be able to assess the type of individual you are interacting with and limit the contact accordingly if it offends you. Only years of experience in that business can train you. The overall experience should conclude as being good for both entertainer and customer.
Having been in the company of Mika, I can honestly say it was fun and a very pleasant experience.

Dr D.

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