Rewrite of I am Legend

22 12 2007

Everyone knows that N.Y.C is the center of the world but I think that the movie should have been set in the Midwest. Chicago would have been just as recognizable. There’s just no need to refer to Manhattan as ground zero in a fictitious, supposedly, entertaining movie. Having been in New York on 9/11, I find that sort of script a little offensive.

Even though it is a long haul to be the only man on camera for 3/4 of a film- it can be done effectively. Unfortunately, Will Smith seemed to hold back on his performance. It didn’t feel like he did any ad lib where there was room for him to do so.

Why bother to get Will Smith to play a role that Charlton Heston had previously played as Omega Man?

So just to show what a little stripper chick can do, I am going to rewrite as many of the scenes of I Am Legend as possible-

I will do so between running to the club to make ends meet.

I will do so while nursing a 1 year old and printing images for Xmas presents- perhaps by the end of this- some one will call me and say- Please come to Hollywood!

If not, it serves me right for going to Art School instead of choosing a real profession.



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