How many Clicks to Middle Twitterverse?

26 12 2007

The pulse of twitter is action and the people performing the chore want more from all of their social networks. Lately we have Utterz, boobik, Picobuzz, Snitter to name a few.

Before Christmas Twitter’s very own acomputerpro and mysterymika101 both mentioned writing about Conversation after catching CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood.

Apparently the Conversation Experts are concerned that email and texting may interfere with the Art of Conversation. Some experts think that the brief format of texting and email destroys the character, emotion and structure of the way people communicate. Grammar is out the window as well.

As all the Showgirl Cadettes know- Mystery Mika uses Conversation as the backbone of interaction when performing. The Showgirl school has several other posts concerning the importance of learning how to hold a conversation with gentlemen in the strip bar setting.

Somehow watching an entire segment on television made the topic worthy of further discussion. Charles Osgood is no flapper and his show spotlights universal subjects.

Strippers are not the only people needing a tune up.

With that said let’s get down to dirty matter of speaking to each other and sharing our feelings and concerns.

We will call this Mystery Mika’s Conversation # 3.

Let’s first define the object of Conversation- I mean why bother figuring out how to talk to people when you don’t even like people.

We speak to get information. Now that there is GPS, do we really need to learn how to stop and get directions from complete strangers?

Regardless of the car you drive, eventually you are going to have to learn how to talk to people and get the service that you desire without sounding like an asshole. Everybody needs somebody sometime.

Conversation is the first step to getting what we want.

The simple structure of texting and email allows people to get to the ‘quick’ without being labeled rude.

When you are face to face with someone and talking- you must work a little harder at being interesting and considerate of to whom you are speaking.

No one in there right mind expects texts to start with capital letters or end with periods. Text abbreviations are tricky because the receiver just wants to understand what it is you want and not play a guessing game.

If we look at Conversation as a cold cut means to an end- the Art of Conversation is safe.

People are naturally competitive and won over by things that cater to them. People seek to be entertained, informed and made to feel as though their existence matters.

As long as society has people living, working and having sex we will need and have conversation.

People who have the best communication skills will always be the most sought after.

For example, if you an excellent physician but have terrible bedside manners you may find yourself crying on a stripper because your malpractice insurance is so high that you need to switch professions. Nobody trusts a mean doctor anymore.

Patients want doctors that have the ability to communicate what makes them feel sick and what should be done about it.

There is a time and place to be brief. This is the age of the Informed Individual.

People seek information and spend efforts increasing their knowledge through personal research online and in social networks.

Holding your own in a conversation is really about packaging your information and giving the person you are speaking to time to listen and deliver their well bundled information.

This exchange can be ‘small talk pleasant Pageantry’, ‘matter of fact forget I said that’, or ‘there’s a joke somewhere’. How the listener feels about what they hear or read all depends on the skill of the speaker.

A good writer is knowlegeable of the target audience. A decent stripper can crack several male digestable jokes. A mommie blogger knows all about teething.

The bottom line is that if you are talking, texting, emailing or writing- ya better know what you are talking about

If you are a Twit- you better be able to put it online in 140 characters.

In my opinion people are learning how to communicate better. Come on down with your expressive screen name. Don’t playa hate… Tool Up! This time the game is for every one.



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