27 12 2007

Looks like a boob. Sounds like boob. As a matter of fact, does refer to boobs.

Mystery Mika signed in as NurseMika. This is my first experience in a strictly Dicklybooblesque internet social networking.

How’s that for a made up word?

My definition of Dicklybooblesque is: an mature audience online Blurp Stream full of pictures and prose used to journal through everyday peoples’ sexy fantasies.

The set up is a simple template. As long as you have a few small pictures already prepared you will have no trouble adding your profile.

My goal is to join a different few sites and become more of an virtual entertainer.

Granddaddy said:’When Corn and Cotton don’t sell, pussy and ale always will!

Following me on the yellow brick road- you can get a taste of both

Check out my Crack Mug- a little something to put your lava into!



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