Mean Teen Love Wand

29 12 2007

istock_000000235489_l1.jpgEvery one gets their panties in a bunch when Mystery Mika switches into Real health mode including my own 16 year old. So why don’t we all get our heads out of the sand and talk about teen sex.

Recently Twitter’s @QueenofSpain posted Mom Gone Mad and took a flame licking.

It seems some people are upset that Jamie Lynn Spears star of Zoey 101 decided to keep her baby.

Let’s see how it all could have went down. She could have keep her mind focused on work and school – leaving very little time for boys and sex-escapade’s thereby never getting pregnant.

Ms. Spears could have been more careful- made use of spermicide, mega condoms, female condoms and stuffed her mouth with birth control pills once she became sexually active- to avoid a seemly, untimely pregnancy.

Let’s not leave out, that Ms. Spears could have gotten a day after you get fucked up pill from a clinic after she had sloppy sex.

Ms. Spears could have quietly had an abortion under some alias.

With a sister like Britney, the teen could have taken a vacation with a relative in Paris for about a year. Apparently the show Zoey 101 has already been filmed. There were ways to just go have a baby.

When there’s a will there is a way to have a baby without public notice.

Mystery Mika is very suspicious about how this is being handled. I’ve said it before, The Spears need better handlers. It’s like a Girl’s Gone Wild Camp over there.

Nurse Mika is concerned by the stress all of this hoopla may be causing the unborn baby. The kid is going to be born into exile. Teen mother etc. Splattered all over the news.

With that said why do teens have sex? I asked my 16 year old who is home from school for winter break. He declines comment at the moment.

The funny thing is my son has no problem bringing up the subject of drugs. He is shocked by the strange drugs kids he knows have experimented with. He says that he will probably never drink. He’s not in a hurry to get a drivers’ license either.

However when it comes down to sex- he shuts up. His lips are sealed and he won’t even look me in the eye when I ask him questions.

“Are you having s-e-x?”

“Do you know how to put on a condom?”

“What happen between you and that 17 year old girlfriend?”

“Are you gay?”

Sometimes I get a chuckle. Actually I get a lot of chuckles.

Are you laughing at me because I’m desperate to get this conversation going?

“Ma, I’m fine. Everything is fine.”

That’s all I get.

He’s about a foot taller than me. He knows that I am a dancer. I’ve been talking to him about sex, sex predators, safe sex, hormones, marriage, love, dating, having kids, being responsible, drugs, suicide, abnormal behavior, addiction, the armed forces, money, making money, choosing a career, staying healthy and the age of consent since he could ask where babies come from.

Often because of his silence, I’ll panic and say things like:

“whatever you do, don’t grow up and become a slave to your dick. Don’t date girls who need to sneak out of the house. Don’t date girls younger than you. Don’t trust girls to handle the condom. She might be crazy and put a pin hole in it!”

Two years ago he decided to stop eating red meat. He still eats fish because he doesn’t mind fishing but hunting turns his stomach. To me this illustrates him developing a conscious independent of mine. I’m not a vegetarian although I eat tons of vegetables.

I guess he’s a normal kid that is probably sexually active at times- and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.

In two years he can be drafted or enlist in the armed service.

My goal as a parent is to launch a whole citizen into the world who will be useful to the world.

Not all parents care about such things. Some parents are drug addicts, emotionally unstable, uninformed, mis informed or just need to work so much outside of the home that they are too miserable and tired to spend time with their children trying to talk about these difficult subjects.

This brings me to the responsibility of schools, television stations, and health officials attempting to provide education aimed towards possibly sexual active teens.

Personally I don’t want any uninformed, horny, lonesome girls going after my boy. He already experienced a girl that was a cutter who wanted to be more than friends. She’s done every drug and wanted my son around to ‘talk to’. Luckily he asked for help in dealing with her.

School programs and television could be a useful tool in bringing up issues that teens don’t want to talk one on one with their parents about.

Every teen knows that mom and dad are going to get upset to hear that they are having sex. Most kids really don’t like disappointing their parents and would like to avoid confrontation.

The school nurse becomes an advocate. Information without Judgement. Saving Lives not souls. Perhaps these agencies and cable hosts won’t get it right in the beginning. Not everybody is going to welcome the change but something needs to be done. There are too many teens running amok.

All of us will need to do a little more growing up to safe guard our youth.

Does Nickelodeon have a Magic Teen Love Wand to zap all their viewers into shape?

Can they come up with a better naughty nurse the me?

How do you talk about sex with your teens without alienating them?

Leave a comment, My Readers want to know.



5 responses

29 12 2007

I still feel uncomfortable talking about sex with my mom. It’s like the one area that just doesn’t feel right when I converse with her about my life. I just walk away or change the subject. I think it was easier when she just talked about situations involving other people and from that I would learn a valuable lesson. I think maybe I feel like sex is the one thing that lets me be a different person than my parents and to let them in on it would possibly take away my adulthood. Then again I may have been trained in an American society of puritan/anglo-saxon fear that sex is dirty and should not be talked about and if so I may go to hell? But, I broke those rules a loooooooong time ago 🙂

29 12 2007

My kids are young, preschool, so I have yet to deal with this on a first hand basis with them…but I think you touched on the key in all of this: having to actually TALK to your teens/kids.

I think that just freaks people out. Which is really sad. Bravo for you for keeping the communication going, even when they are 16 and it’s never easy to even discuss LUNCH let alone sex.

29 12 2007

i agree with you.. I have 3 kids, 17 daughter, 14 son and 8 son. I was raised in a European house and have to say you have to talk about sex just as you do about the weather, daily news and such. Make it a topic that doesn’t cause embarrassment or resentment. I frequently bring up the subject with the older two and have to say I am sure they will make the right choices when that time comes. My daughter wants to focus on school and swears she isn’t having kids till she is out of college. At least at this point she is informed about her decisions and knows its okay to wait. Good luck to all parents out there. 🙂

30 12 2007

i have not had to have a talk with my daughter yet, she is only 5. My dad tried to have the sex talk, niether one of us wanted to talk. Thanks for sharing.

4 03 2008

Go ahead Mystery Mika talk to him when you can about all of those topics. Just do it in a calm manner and understand it is very uncomfortable for a teenage boy to talk to his mother about sex. I am 40 and it would be uncomfortable for me to talk to my mother about sex. He is taking to heart everything you say regarding sex. For boys sex is sex but for the majority of teenage girls sex is love or at least an investment. Keep it up and keep the lines of communications open between you two. I wish more mothers and fathers would have taken the time to talk to their teens. We would have less disease and fewer teen pregnancies.

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