Thinking about Vegas

31 12 2007

Whenever the hawk blows up my britches, I search the road map for sunshine.

I’ve been threatening to make this blog more informative with real news reporting which would mean getting on the road again- one way or another.

Well with kids to take care of my life is a little restricted. So I’ve decided to intellectual challenge myself instead. Like all strippers- I’m in it to win it. I want to make money. I need to make money. I don’t mind showing my ass if that’s what it takes.

Gambling has never been my thing. As a matter of fact- I am known for pocketing money given for me to ‘play’ with by Playas.

Vegas has a good reputation for being active during the cold Chicago months. Men go there to gamble and see Showgirls.

I know that you need to get a Sheriff’s card to work and that could take up to a week. It’s just too much to fly out there, find someone to babysit, dog sit and too expensive to take everyone with me- Vegas for dancing is out this Winter.

I remember reading somewhere that Diablo Cody had been keeping her Pussy Ranch blog for 2 years before she got a phone call offering her an advance. By that time table, I have another year to go.

Well my daughter needs food and health insurance now. I am constantly disappointed by babysitters. Tell me, what sane person would put a baby in a car without a car seat?

Believe it or not all of this and much more has been going on and I keep getting up everyday and trying to write for 4 hours. Now I beginning to think that I am a real writer. I’m not perfect- my grammar probably sends twitter’s @Grammargirl into a frenzy but- I try. I try to communicate and pass on what I’ve learned in my 40 years.

Yesterday I put the theory that is faster than Google to the test (providing that you have establish a network of useful twitters).

I asked my Followers if they had any ideas for self publishing because I can’t bare to wait for Diablo’s people. I want an ebook by January 20th which will be my 41st Birthday.

Several people responded with

So I checked it out.

It looks easy enough.

Now I need to pull together 60 pages that I think people would enjoy having as a download. I’m going to put a few paintings between the juicy tales- or paint some new tails to sandwich between the erotic tales…

Wish me luck.



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