Holistic Strippers

3 01 2008

Wanna stay fit? Tired of the gut? Love handles not so lovely. Spare tire doesn’t fit your make and model. Go on Mika’s Stripper diet:)

To stay hydrated and keep a youthful glow to my skin I Make fresh juice in the morning,

Grocery List for 7 days

I only shop at Whole Foods

Sirloin Tip Roast- not much fat and very tasty will lat a few days if you use portion awareness

Turkey Breast London Broil- boneless skinless turkey breast with the tenderloin removed- one nice solid piece of lean meat

4 Barlett pears

1 bag of apples

4 bananas

2 stalks of celery

3 beets and

1 clove of garlic

15 carrots and bunch of ginger for juicing. I have a Jack La Lannes’s Juicer. Wheatgrass can even go inside.

1 bunch of chard

2 lbs of green lentils

did I say spinach?

Spinach, collard greens

kidney beans

pinto beans

I can’t eat rice.

Well start with that-

I gotta go!



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