Housewives vs. Strippers part 2

11 01 2008

istock_000000152610_l1.jpgHaving spent a few years as a housewife, I feel as if it is my duty to compare the similarities and differences of housewives and strippers.

1. Housewives dress up to go out for dinner (sometimes)

Strippers dress down to go out to dinner so that their shoes don’t get stuck in dessert

2. Housewives get a baby sitter for their children

Strippers get a sitter for their boyfriends

3. Housewives complain about house work

Stripppers complain about home work

4. Housewives like to work at home, Strippers never like to let work know where they live

5.Sexy housewives shop at Victoria Secret

Smart sexy Strippers save all of their gift certificates for Victoria Secrets for the Valentine Day Collection because that is time of the year for shopping at Victoria Secrets!



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