Dressing Unicorns scene 1

15 01 2008


On Saturday morning she remembered her true love worked in a museum and that he was broke. She turned over in her bouncing, mattress bed freeing her feet from under Alfred-the mutt.

Alfred was full and exhausted from helping her raid the refrigerator at 3 am. Last night’s cheap mascara clumped her eyelids together cementing her face to the polyester pillowcase.

Struggling she reached for the telephone to call the babysitter.

HER: Hi, Sara? Good morning.

She attempted to sound pulled even there was a frog Prince stuck in her memory.

“Dramatics don’t take the place of sincerity of alertness, young Lady. The only man that enjoys an actress for a wife is too cheap to afford a Mistress.”

She shook off the scolding that her mother had drummed into her head during High School.

Sara: Morning? It’s 11:30. I expected that you would be here by now. Thought you said you’ll be here at 10am. You sound as if you are just waking up!

Her: Gosh, It’s after 11. I’m called as soon as I realized….

The babysitters’ controlled outrage dragged Her back into the present.

Sara: You know I have plans, I need to get groceries and make dinner for my husband.

Her: No problem, get the kids ready- I’ll be there right away.

Sara: the kids have been waiting and ready since 9:30am for you.

The line went dead. She pulled herself up straight with much resistance from her flesh. With the back of her hand, she whipped the drool from the cracks of her mouth. Along with the crust came the remains of Cherry Berry BlackVamp Lipstick that She wore on stage the night before.

Her: Gee Alfred, do you know where my flat boots are? I better not show up at Sara’s door looking too flashy- she’s already expecting 90 bucks for the overnight childcare.

Will She find some reasonable shoes to wear in broad daylight or will She run out of time and dress like a Hoochie Mama?

Tune in next time for the second episode of Dressing Unicorns. All Intellectual Rights reserved. This is brought to you by Chiara Young aka Mystery Mika for those of you who haven’t caught on by now. I love Soap Operas so much I decided to write my own!

Any Ideas what ‘Her’ name should be ?



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