Fore Play with Graham English

19 01 2008

Music deserves a closer look by all performers including Strippers. Recently Mystery Mika has explored Graham English a twittering, blogging, professional musician.

By the way he is a blond hottie with a great voice for podcasting.

LISTEN WATCH READ and much more at

Educate yourself by combing through Graham’s site. He provides links to podcasts that discuss theory, history and entertainment.

As Showgirl Cadettes who generally perform to pop music, it may help you to stand out and earn better tips if you actually can talk a little about real Music to your customers.

Graham’s links are the sort of hook ups that can lead a girl to higher places.

Did I mention that he is really Cute. Better looking than Bon Jovi? Flood him with Fan mail After learning something Ladies!

oops think I did say that already.



One response

23 01 2008
Graham English

Aw shucks. I’m just the flicker of a candle next to your glowing beauty. 😉

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