Patron Stripper Saint Diablo Cody

24 01 2008


Ten years ago there was no such thing as a known stripper/ screenplay writer. No one had delivered themselves as:’ I was once a stripper’ to the world.

Most of my attempts of performing monologues as a stripper were received by mixed gender audiences as too risque when offered as non fiction.

On average housewives didn’t use to (in any way shape or form) emotional support women who basically make their income off of roaming, partying husbands.

I doubt if that has completely changed however- Today’s Strippers are seen more as women taking care of their financial needs than deadly vamps.

Diablo Cody has opened the door for other women in the industry by producing a screenplay that demonstrates how well a nice piece of ass can tell a story.

Strippers have a unique perspective on culture and human nature.

We see people naked without their masks tied everyday… all day. As women Strippers stare at each other and publicly touch each other’s boobs. We are different than ordinary women in so many ways.

The Strip dance can be a choking black ribbon or endless wave that permeates the imagination with the confession: I’m a Stripper.

Sometimes we don’t even know if God Loves us.

Well… until Diablo Cody. She gives us all hope that with talent and dedication- we can truthfully stand tall and earn positive feedback.

Who Get’s the Nut is proud to present Ms. Diablo Cody a bejeweled crown of bacon and Voges chocolate.

Diablo is the Patron Saint of Strippers and should be recognized for awaking audiences to the creative intellectual voice once squashed by supposed decency.

May Diablo Cody’s reign in Hollywood be glamorous, eventful, majestic, revealing and inspiring to other women in the sex industry who have enough guts to type what’s on their minds after a night of grinding and smiling for dirty ole men.

So here’s to ya Diablo Cody a big Red Carpet (((((((((((((wave)))))))))))))

Mystery Mika speaks for all of the stiletto stuffed mini skirts on Mannheim Rd. We strut our sexy at the elite Scores Chicago, One Step Beyond, The Playpen, Bobby’s Bar, and All Stars.

We haven’t made it off the strip and are so amorous of Diablo who is a real life Pretty Woman. We are  Proud of you and Oscar nominated Juno.

Thanks so much for going all the way Baby!

To think it all started with a bubbling blog called The Pussy Ranch.



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