Falling in Love

25 01 2008

Before we talk about that hot kiss, let’s talk about falling in love.

College Sex was the best sex I ever had. It seemed like love because there was never a need to fake orgasm.  I had my own apartment on the chic North side. We were all friends and we all slept together.

Every since then I’ve been waiting for that sort of bond to form.

Just because I haven’t found true love doesn’t keep me from enjoying Valentine Day.

As a matter of fact- I started last night with my celebration by adding a ‘Goodie Tray’ as a prop. More in a separate post- make your own!

I was talking about Falling in Lasting Love

Lately I’ve noticed that Love comes from individual efforts toward being a team player.

In the wild it is this way

A herd of Buffalo

A Flock of Geese

A School of Fish

I think that most people yearn for loyalty but expect too much out of one person.

Well I got just the cure for a bleeding heart

I’m making Russian Tea cookies today

Fun shapes and some porn surprises

Pink Nipples

on the white powdered sugar ones and tiny bits of dark chocolate for the Brown titties.

The boys should get a big kick out of this!

I’ll let you know.

I’m trying to find time to work on a monologue for the Approach

The Goal is Love at First Sight and a couple of $.



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