Mae West, a Timeless Study

12 02 2008

BOLD Beauty and Elegance. I love Mae West’s big broad style.

This clip is from 1933, I’m No Angel.

The set is a little disturbing in that Mae West is surrounded by 4 Black maids whose language skills are played up to be a bit broken.

However her body build is not much smaller than the maids’. There is a striking similarity in the way all the women carry themselves.

(I’m sure heavier maids were available.) Mae West’s strut works for the heavier set, even today.

There’s no sense in trying to be smaller if you are a BIG Girl- go ahead a BE BIG. You will attract customers that enjoy thicker ladies.

Considering the date of the film, the maids get to share the stage pretty fairly.

Well we have come a long way in that respect.

Anyway Cadettes, we can learn from the way that Mae West uses her voice here. Many of her sexy quotes are famous for making men blush.

You don’t need to be a singer to put on a sexy tone. All you need to have is a light hearted attitude and confidence.

It does help if you have a naughty mind that can deliver never ending fast, flirty dialogue.

Mae West is a great study for any wanna be entertainer.



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