Proud Mary

12 02 2008

Skilled dancers can break down the lifetime of a cherry blossom into universal gestures.. Trained and practiced singers have the willpower to push a melody so far under your skin that your spine tingles from vibrations of unknown truth.

Even babies will dance in the presence of a superb performer.

Once upon a time, I bobbed my head to Proud Mary without even understanding a single word that Tina said.

I remember my grandmother’s wooden record player. When the top was down it looked like a long, narrow table.

In the afternoon, after she fed her guppies, she would sing and dance to her favorite albums by Elvis, Sammy Davis, Dean Martin, Ike and Tina.

My life hadn’t yet gotten rough but I remember noting the difference between the way she sang ‘nice and easy‘ vs. ‘rough

Love was being nicknamed Sugar Lump

Love was being innocent- almost 3

Love was watching my grandmother grin. Her crisp apron tied around her chubby waist.

Is it ironic that my grandmother’s name was Mary?



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