90 Day Jane

13 02 2008


90dayJane died by being erased. Some people eat themselves to death.

R.I.P 90DayJane


Her sunken ego is survived by millions of doubtful and skeptical blogsphere pioneers.

Only the Powers that Be know for sure if there is a virus that lives on.

Some people fuck themselves to death.

Social Experiment? Art Reflection. Was Jane really a boy?


I hate you because you managed to get over 100,000 hits in just a few days. It is sick that the thought of suicide attracts so many flies like shit.

Some people work themselves to death. Other people just work in death traps.

Perhaps the people that clicked in were in pain and desperate to find company inside of Jane’s dressing gloom.

Because they are sad and really can’t help it

OR are young and don’t know any better

Regardless, bad Showgirl. Very BAD Showgirl!
R.I.P 90DayJane- rest in peace Jane.




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