The Dawn of Valentine or What’s Love got?

14 02 2008

Tonight I gave a drunk girl a ride home. In the dressing room she was crying and bumping her head against the mirror.

My man don’t treat me right. He’s always asking me for money. I’m soooo dumb.’

I thought that maybe if I got her over to my place and gave her a little time to sober up, I could talk some sense into her.

In the end she only wanted to talk to him on the phone.

She offered me $20 dollars to drive her cell phone back over to her house- by accident she dropped it on the floor of my car as she tumbled out.

Can you please, Mika, just look in my phone’s contacts and give me the number under Sweetie daddy. He’s gonna be waiting for my call. I need to call him.

It’s after 2am. I gotta go to bed. Sorry, it will have to wait til morning. Get some sleep. I’ll drop your cell off in the morning.

I  pushed END and tossed her phone into my purse.

Let’s see what Tina Turner has to say about surviving abuse in a relationship.

wait there’s more.



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