How Many Scores Girls wanna look like Brigitte?

18 02 2008

Brigitte Bardot in her own words on being trained.

Here’s Brigitte growing up gracefully- Gentlemen Clubs ladies eat your heart out. How can this be improved upon?

Her poses are timeless. Brigitte is really able to make soul connection with her eyes which trail off playfully. She was comfortable. This is the body language that we should all aim for- not the trashy poses. This woman may have aged out of being a centerfold but her fans are still many. Young men love her!

Check out why by viewing this sweet French slideshow.

Here’s an action clip- Mystery Mika wants to deliver a complete lesson. Men already know this stuff- this one is for the wanna be performers that love bubble gum

No one says Bubble Gum sexier than Brigitte Bardot.



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