Take My Britches, if You Can

18 02 2008

The burning question:

Why bother trying to teach strippers anything?

It is true many strippers are hard headed, defensive, money hungry and looking for a fast buck. Most don’t get up before 3pm or take the time to read the newspaper. It is doubtful that they vote.

It is fair to say that many strippers hardly apply themselves to society in any other way other than being consumers.

Studies have shown that many non-stripping women stay in relationships because they can not afford to live on their own.

In the real job force women make .77 for every $1.00 earned by men

From my personal experience, the reverse is true among strippers- we can’t afford to be in relationships. Boyfriends are jealous or they don’t want to work. Some boyfriends attempt to live off of their stripper girlfriends.

This case scenario ‘boyfriend’ isn’t really a pimp (he doesn’t set her up with guys) he just never has any money towards the household. Now that’s a glass ceiling!

Many strippers want to lead normal lives but can’t under the stigma of their job.

It is a vicious cycle where the Entertainer/Stripper is stuck being a consumer. It becomes even more layers of consumerism if the Stripper has children to provide for.

Mika’s Showgirl School is the inexpensive, private, thought provoking way for an adult entertainer to opt out of the downward spiral program.

Let’s start by learning more about the dance that we do. More than any other trade, watching and listening to the performers that captured the limelight before us can add to our performances today.

If Mystery Mika ask 200 men who patronize strippers to name 4 classic pin up ladies and describe what made them famous- I’d bet my britches, the men who enjoy burlesque and or an occasional lap dance could easily rattle off a name and description.

On the other hand if I go to 75 beautiful Strippers, 75 Girls Gone Wild and 50 Hooter Girls (I’m willing to mix it up a bit- to even the odds)

If I ask them to name 4 famous burlesque performers or pin up girls- recent or retro- given a week- I bet they would forget about the assignment because they don’t care.

As of now most of my hits come from guys I who are searching for freaky sessions with their palms. I can tell by the keywords that led them to my blog that the hits didn’t come from my target audience.

words like licking, sucking, boobs, discipline, vagina, sex, sexy, how to,discipline, mistress, black, hairy, nude, naked, tall, Blondy, spank,big butt, pussy,drip,wet,shower

If you know a stripper, give her my url but remember the ol saying: you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make the drink.



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