That Foul Bastard strikes again!

3 03 2008

No one can get a Lady to take off her shirt as fast as Twitter’s Foulbastard. Who is this kid that says he is located where ever he wakes up?

When Foulbastard directly messaged me to participate in the first ever breasts of Twitter collage   I immediately directed him to my biography page to decide if my circa 1990 profile photo with erect nipples was what he was looking for. 

Social networking in itself is a mystery. What is this new tool of communication and how do we make it work for us? What do Twitters consider Work? How does Play factor in? What does social networking do for artists?

For one artists don’t need to hope and pray for a gallery to become interested in their work for exposure and feedback. Due to the Internet- it’s is anybody’s Gain Game.  

Well that depends on who ‘us’ is. Which category do you fall into? Are you someone stuck at home because you work from home? Perhaps you are ill and just want to keep your mind off of your next doctors’ visit.

No telling, whose who in the Twitter Breast Collage because Foulbastard trimmed off the faces.

If you are a twitter, you could be a tech geek looking for a group to test new software? Do you work for an ad agency- are you attempting to build revenue by directing readers to advertisements. Widget Masters want to know.

Whoever you are and what ever you do- Foulbastard ask you totake off your shirt and we happily did it. Now we are all celebrities!

Recently Snoop Dogg’s people created a Twitter account.

I don’t expect it to do very well because Snoop Dogg doesn’t follow anyone. The web link is to a boring fan site.

Twitters (me) that are into celebrities (foulbastard) want the inside scoop on being a celebrity not paparazzi. 

If we aren’t just looking for information from like minded people we are reaching for Cyber Stardom ourselves. Twitters have something to say. We aim for the tools to express ourselves. Some of us would like to generate income- but generating money is not what keeps us checking for updates from the toilet or in the mist of traffic.  

 Snoop Dogg doesn’t offer anything. Sorry Dogg, the site is so flat it doesn’t even offer an escape. 

Personally I only want to swap/trade Snoop Dogg next guest appearance on David Letterman for one of my signed Mika’s Crack Mugs. This seems highly unlikely since Snoop Dogg hasn’t even allowed for Direct Messages. 

There are many sites that revolve around only sex. Even though I can sometimes post mature subject matter or vocabulary- I can’t stand to see images of cocks and balls splashed in my face.

To me being sexy requirres class.

I have my standards. Foulbastard’s Twitter participates did a lovely breast job of being sensual. Breast are alluring and non-confrontational.

Foulbastard probably had his mind in the gutter when he conceived of the Twitter breast collage but his good heart overtook his other anatomy. The collage is so well done it could easily become a poster for Breast Health Awareness.

If I could pour Foulbastard in a mug- he would be just right. I want to see more collages. The frame is adorable and there seemed to be care taken in the placement of the images. This sort of balance is easier said than done.

Social networks like MySpace seems to attract the younger age group (teens and early 20’s) I’m dragging on myspace.

Twitter is nothing like that. Twitter is for the layered Pioneer Professional. In order to do well on Twitter and achieve a fair amount of followers you must have 3 or more of these traits: clever, inspirational, informative, tech advise, responsive, and above all you must make time to talk to a few of your followers. 

Foulbastard got his Boobie Beauty done by being all of the above and much more.

In conclusion mystery Mika gives Snoop Dogg and thumbs DOWN!

Twitter’s very own, man from the under ground, FoulBastard comes up with a fat thumbs up. Keep up the good work you smelly clown. kisses!

p.s. the views and opinion expressed here in this commentary are only that of Mystery Mika- no Twitters have been polled



2 responses

13 03 2008

this is a phenomenal post, fwiw.

6 04 2008

Speaking strictly for myself, we like to show off too! Can class and sexxxy be overt or be combined? I like to think so!

“There are many sites that revolve around only sex. Even though I can sometimes post mature subject matter or vocabulary- I can’t stand to see images of cocks and balls splashed in my face.

To me being sexy requirres class.”

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