Skin Trip part 1 (the breast implant)

5 03 2008

Breast are powerful. Studies show that taller men make more money. Do bigger breast women make more money? Are big breasted women happier? What are breast for? Why would a person go through so much trouble to have bigger breast? In support of Foulbastard Twitter Saga, I’ve added this Surgery.

Actually Mystery Mika planned to do a segment on breast implants and butt implants for awhile. Now seems to be the perfect time. Many women in the sex industry go under the knife to get their breast enlarged in hopes that they will make more money dancing.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ve noticed that women who go from flat to fluffy often have a terrible attitude problem after the procedure. Many have high expectations and feel as though money is owed to them because they went through the trouble of getting a boob job.

Big boobs or little boobs- a snob turns men off. Most men would prefer a nice entertainer with small boobs than a big boob girl with gigantic breast.

The video is a surgery and not intended for weak stomachs. CAUTION!

See what you started Foulbastard or



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