Where did my love go?

25 05 2008

Hi ya Cadettes, it’s me Mystery Mika and I’m typing in my sleep. Visions of stilettos stomping on compost blazing in my mind. Just realized that I did a terrible job at spell checking my last post at http://www.wondergeek.wordpress.com and I am having trouble viewing the theme on that blog correctly.

WordPress Support is closed etc. Housekeeping really sucks at the worst time because I just asked Diablo Cody to read my stuff. Whatever. I really wish things ran better. Above all, I wish that I were more of a tech geek so that when I think of something I can just do it myself!

Don’t get me wrong, WordPress still rocks which is why http://www.mysterymika.com is a portal to my different wordpress blogs. All the template choices are fantastic to keep the site engaging. My audience bores easily. mmmmmmmmmmm.

The Dominican Hair Salon has been doing a great job at keeping my hair helmet looking good and flowing naturally in the wind. (Nuri has a few tracks sewn in the back of my head). Roll me Up and Love Me is the latest follow up on the Santo Domingo Hair Salon in Chicago. To see my hairdresser’s cute pup check out that post- there are doggy pictures!

Nuri is a real sweetheart and good sport. I enjoy starring her in the video shorts posted on youtube about the Dominican style. Everyday her English gets better but I think having a translator adds texture to the videos. Everything Nuri is on the rise. The last time that I visited the Salon, the walls had a fresh warm tropical glow. Yeah team.

My look right now is Cowgirl with a straw hat. (perfect for walking my pack of dogs) The closets have been turned inside out to surface all the cool western motif clothing that I’ve collected in the past 4 years. Guess I miss my dad ( currently unavailable).

My stylist, Nuri is concerned about the condition of my real hair because I don’t pop into the salon enough for maintenance. no TIME.

I’ve been super busy with the http://www.youtube.com/mysterymika channel. Can’t go back as tired as I am- I’ll just unspell stuff or goof and erase the entire thing!

Mystery Mika is so inspired to keep the 19 hour work days going after just having a few minutes to actually talk to Diablo Cody. I really believe in the Showgirl School and the idea of hard work that I just keep it up until something happens that will make it bigger and better. The goal is to show showgirls working the stage what a little focused effort will do… but first I need to do it. I have no idea what can happen or if Diablo will ever call me again. I’m sure she is very busy with work of her own in Hollywood.

Honestly I was getting tired before I spoke to her. It seems like the cough is coming back. Sarcoidoisis BE GONE! I am exhausted and I thought about quitting. After all I’m not Cinderella or Pretty Woman. Fairy tales are for children, right? until I got a wish… to talk to her. One of us who made it. So ladies the Fates threw me a bone or two.

Lately I’ve been reconnecting with influential people from my past like Ben Stokes of Dimensional Holofonic Sound.

After watching Ben Stokes tech-out the Meat Beat Manifesto Show and chatting with the Dessert Vixen the other night at the Abby- my mind is in video short mode.

Naw, I’m not really changing my stripes just adding value to the hues.

So Cadettes you might not be seeing as many Showgirl School posts because currently Mystery Mika is taking time to build up the other blogs. Once I have at least 25 post on the new blogs, I will turn my attention to choosing banner ads for http://www.mysterymika.com

Video gets a big response. People enjoy video story telling. Now days youtube makes it accessible to everyone.

We have mysteries up the butt hole unraveling on my http://www.youtube.com/mysterymika channel.

Other than giving you my own images through video- I have been able to search and place many of the people that I admire side by side.

I have them all collected and thumb nailed neatly in my Favorites on my youtube channel.

Thus far the only trouble is that it takes a long time to upload 9 minute videos. I end up setting it and going out.

So in a nut shell Cadettes, Mystery Mika still loves you but I don’t want to undo my reputation by writing bad lessons. I can only focus on a dozen things at a time

Stay out of trouble, Ladies and follow the mystery on youtube!




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