High Class Broad

22 06 2008

Here’s something nasty: Now that the economy in America is so bad, Stripper Money ain’t dirty. Odds are, if your mortgage payment smells like a cock fight- your lender is very delighted to get it. Not that The Bank ever cared where you pulled the wad of cash from. Now his smile is obvious as you stroll away in your tight skirt.

In America people are losing jobs across the board or are having to take $5- $10 an hour pay cuts . Men are still horny with less money to spend. Experts say that women who are unable to spa and pamper themselves- buy more lipstick like a cheap fix when the economy is bad. What affect will the crashing American economy have on strippers and the price of a decent lap dance? Let’s keep it real red neck…

Mystery Mika predicts #1: that with rising gas prices and cost of business air travel, there will be more tricking off in the upcoming months in an effort to ‘save’ money.

Men are going to be seeking more bang for the buck. I’ve noticed that the strip club guests expect a little slack and understanding from their entertainers.

Dancers in their early 20’s have very little adult experience. In their spare time they don’t keep up with the news or political broadcasts that argue hot topics such as whether or not to drill in the wildlife refuge. These same women are strutting the club (all dolled up) complaining about how slow and tight the crowd is.

Every night I find myself asking them: Do you see how much fuel is today? Two days ago it was $4.14/ gallon. Last night near Midway Airport, I paid $4.45/gallon. It is as if these ladies haven’t heard of the domino effect. Many dancers just think that World Affairs don’t pertain to them because they expect men to want to consume sex whether or not they can afford the lifestyle. I got news for you doll face- it ain’t happening! Men are not that irresponsible.

Hard working men are devastated by losing what they considered stable jobs. Many of the career men that have been cut from their jobs never expected that they would be staring at an unemployment check or taking a $6.00 an hour pay cut.

Turns out the more stressed out a man feels the more he fantasizes about a woman’s distracting beauty and his personal needs. In the end if he isn’t greeted with understanding, the customer may choose to stay home. Period!

Mystery Mika #2 Prediction:Fetish Behavior will be in higher demand due to the lost in funds men will be forced to find little triggers that wet their appetite senses- besides they don’t have the funds to play as often.

As for women going all the way in hopes that sex will generate more money- unless this is something that you’ve trained for- it ‘s not going to be worth it. Don’t get lazy or scared. Dance more shifts but pace yourself so that you don’t get exhausted.

This is the worst time in the world to Start being a whore.That’s not anything new- there’s probably never a good time to start being a whore. Stick to being yourself. Try becoming a better listener before you offer more services.

If you are thinking about taking a guy up on his offer because yo money ain’t right. Realize this going into the cheap hotel: Guys want the Girlfriend Experience without the foreplay or condom. This is not a romance the guy is not looking for LOVE. He is a trick and he wants to trick off! He’s not going to be your friend afterwards and he doesn’t belong to you because he paid you for sex. The next time he sees you at the club even though you may have tried to put something on him- he may be Finished with you. Nothing personal but just dancing with you ain’t that exciting anymore.

The all around lack of money has forced everyone into the hunt. We have slipped into Prey drive like a pack of starving wolves. It is really sad.

So what can be done to pick up the slack and save money? Team up. Pass off good customers to ladies that are MVP’s on your team. Keep dead weight off your teams. Be respectful. Be firm. Stand your ground. Manage the money that you make by paying your bills first. Always be grateful and gracious at the end of a dance. Last but not least don’t playa hate on me because I know the game. Keep your game fresh and do you.

Carpooling to work is also very helpful but needs to be done with severe caution. Ride with people that you know well. When you invite someone to ride with you – understand that you invite in possible trouble.

Often a person ‘changes’ once the outside air hits them. Big drinkers are prone to slipping into cars with open beer bottles and short glasses of mixed drinks. Open alcohol in the vehicle will be trouble for the driver if you are pulled over.

As a rule dancers are very dramatic and temper-mental. I don’t suggest carpooling if you can’t deal with mood swings. Some women’s emotions don’t have a clock or cut off switch. I’ve seen women hysterically crying after a bad night of not making enough money. Others call and argue with their boyfriends during the entire ride.

If you are the one being driven. Make sure the driver isn’t drinking etc. It would be a pain if you got stranded without the keys miles from home with someone to high to tell you were they live. Again! Only car pool with dancers that you know very well. Never leave your money in the car with your passengers- you might get alllllllllllllll Jacked UP!



2 responses

22 06 2008
Dan Waldron

Well said… Great information, keep up the great work!

2 07 2008
Treacherous T

You do your home work. The economy is effecting the amount of dances. I still like to dance with the girls but on my own terms. We do not own each other so don’t freak out if I don’t dance with you after an encounter. The club is like a candy store to men. Sometimes we are looking for chocolate , sometimes vanilla or any other flavor. But we will still get candy just not as much.

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