Pantyhose 4 More

25 06 2008

Happy Wednesday Pantyhose Slave. As I sit here soaking up the sun and typing to you I am sweating into the soft cotton crotch of my magnetic nylons that are clinging to my browned sturdy legs. I’ve been dancing all night.

In about an hour I’m on my way to dance some more and sweat some more into the silky pores of my pantyhose.

When I get to work I may just decide to switch pantyhose for a cooler pair… these ones will be baked with my crotch candy by the end of the drive… depends on whether or not I open the sun roof and part my thighs.

If there’s time, I’ll stop at the drug store to pick up an entirely fresh box or two of pantyhose. My work bag is crammed with moderately used stockings and sheer to waist pantyhose. If I want to wear those some more I really should do it while I am at home.

The best way to sweat in my pantyhose at home is to take my dog for a run while wearing the nylons under my jogging pants.

I much rather do that to insure quality Mystery Mika Pantyhose to my Pantyhose Sluts than to than to wear three at a time in the summer.

Be sure to instant message your Pantyhose Mistress today at for a delicious pair of Pantyhose.

If you are in Chicago, stop in at Bobby’s Bar you get them fresh out of my steaming bag.

All tributes are accepted with paypal.

Mika’s Pantyhose 4 more Vitamin F (FUN) are $25. Not only is Mystery Mika wearing them for Fun… Mika’s Pantyhose are officially for Sale!

Make ’em runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn sluts!



One response

2 07 2008
Treacherous T

Damn you look good in those pantyhose. What a nice but.

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