Lucky Bunny Foot

3 07 2008

Once upon a midnight hop, a bunny found himself against a blank wall with two very pretty feet willing to be stalled.

He was clever Bunny that never left home without his tool bag of clippers, nail files and sand for those rough feet. This Lucky Bunny was a hard worker and never shrieked from a challenge.

Always he searched for a pair of frisky feet attached to a girl that needed a loyal place to sleep.

Ho low. The Lucky Bunny was extremely clever to keep his long, horny, tall, poky cock friend tucked under his skin.

When he moved his cotton tail there was left a BIG, round, wet spot but no evidence on the wall.

What a Lucky Bunny.

Not the End.

The Lucky Bunny is a very sincere foot slave. He is clever to know how to pick the feet.

As the other story goes… these feet are made for walking. Through thick and thin those pretty toes always find their way right back to him.

Sometimes when he is Extremely Lucky the pretty toes are encased in silky pantyhose and stuffed into sharp fashionable boots.

In his Funny Bunny dreams they stand up and walk allllllllll over him!

Since you are such a loyal foot slave I bet you can quietly watch another sexy hot Boot Mistress do some walking!



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