The Ultimate Trick Daddy or the Pioneer of the Modern Poster

12 07 2008

Thunder had come and gone unnoticed. The crowd was thick and streamed inside without a break. Women wiggled and clanked rock glasses in the misty folds of the party atmosphere. Jack Daniels, Hennessy and Tequila were a plenty for their disposal.

Sally was so cute in her pink fishnets. My adoration for her could keep me up all night painting if I didn’t have bills to pay.

The men where relieved to be in the friendly confines. They toasted and boosted as they tossed off another difficult week.

Nothing has changed in Chicago- more lay offs and the cost of fuel still climbing higher, leaves every class wondering how bad it’s gonna get.

Location changes but History keeps repeating itself.

Moments in life can be a symphony of occurrences until a tinker bell comes along and turns it into a movement. Henri Toulouse Lautrec achieved exactly that by using the risque Entertainer as his muse.

Watch this video to see where Mystery Mika draws inspiration.

Mannheim Road off of the Eisenhower Expressway near Chicago is about as close as you will get to Paris 1890.

Hopefully my upcoming poster art will make you want to come have a beer at Bobby’s Bar!



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