The Official Gay Pimp

3 08 2008

There are many many many men in strip bars that I’ve had the pleasure of over hearing Broke Back Mountain Jokes from. Listening to men hang out with each other has changed my opinion- not only on how men think, but how they feel.

I don’t get the feeling that straight men are as homophobic as they act around their girlfriends or wives. I think they just act that way to make their female partners feel secure.

Men like to tease each other about Sex. Unlike grown women, Men like being with each other.

Fact, I hear far more men on men jokes than I hear guy on girl jokes. Maybe there are equal amounts of wise cracks aimed at both sexes but the guy to guy sex jokes stand out more. It could be that I have been dancing so long that I’ve become numb to things said in reference to men having sex with a woman…

It could be that men who go to strip bars are just a different breed.

I’m not saying that all men are sorta gay in a way but it does seem to me that every since that Broke Back movie came out- men have gotten more comfortable making jokes about giving some love to their male friends.

Men hug more. Men around me kiss each other on the neck more often.

In spite of the war, Maybe America is becoming a gentler nation.

I think Jonny McGovern should run for office… He can sing like Elvis if he wants to.

Mystery Mika would know, we performed together at Surf Reality on the Lower East side of New York almost a decade ago. Personally I really enjoy his singing voice. I probably would have dated him on that harmony skill alone- if he wasn’t so gay. Here wait let Jonny sing it to you- he’s a fuc@%&! Genuis. Showgirls, Songwriters, Singers can you touch this? Watch it and Praise. Kiss the ground He walks on for setting you straight about Men.

ah here’s some more of Jonny McGovern, this time with a little attitude. He was taking it easy in the first few videos.

See what happens when I write allllllllll night. I find something in my  memories you can feel.

Now go buy one of my damn t shirts by Soul Sacrifice. Get something for the Dog in your House while you’re at IT

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