Living Just Enough for the City

This School is a long time vision of mine. Finally technology has caught up with my idea. I never wanted to be a House Mom when I got too old to be a Showgirl, besides I am still a Showgirl. (Even though I only work 10 hours a week.) Currently I live in Chicago and I have 3 children ranging in age from 16 to 6months. I’ve been in the business for 17 years. Time has flown by and it has been a magic carpet ride. There have been many highs and lows, more close calls than I care to remember.

Family in most cases are not supportive. I am hoping that this Blog and my 900 number can reach women working in the business who otherwise have become black sheep.

Girls just starting out, make tons of mistakes, some fatal. Industry women often become so guilt ridden that they become compulsive liars and end up working double hard to hid what they do for a living. This behavior feeds into every self esteem issue. I believe that there is a wrong way and a RIGHT way to do everything. I blog to discuss my way of being an adult entertainer.

A Little History

I graduated one semester early from High School and I started college the very next day. There are a few love story soap operas between High School and my graduation from the Art Institute of Chicago. I’ll leave that for my 900 number.

Quick Advice:

If you have another passion, stick to it. Stay in school and always practice, practice, practice.

The best mix is beauty and brains.  Here’s a little inspiration by Ann Marie Calhoun.

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27 04 2007

You are so right. There is alot of good information on your blog.
You need to reach as many ladies as you can.

27 04 2007

Oh yeah thanks for the massage.

6 09 2007
Psycho Doc

Howdy Gorgeous!
Hey Gorgeous: Thought I’d lost you! My other hotmail address “crashed” because I didn’t access it in a while or something, so I lost all emails and addresses. Fortunately I remembered the “Mystery Mika” part of this! You’re now exceedingly easy to find on Google; be proud!

You are definitely doing something unique here! I just wrote you a long comment on the “Miserable Shield” concept (love it!), basically from the perspective of my profession, until I suddenly realized that not just you, but anybody, can see this! So you have here the edited version (for now, because in the future I’d love to add the thinking-man monger’s perspective to the whole glorious mess!). Aside from the obvious draws of the lingerie bars, I have to admit I find them to be some of the best people-watching places imaginable. They are the psychologist-as-casual-observer’s wet dream. In the behavior and on the faces of both the girls AND the guys you can read so much about them: their comfort with their own sexuality, their level of desperation (be it financial, hormonal, or withdrawal); their tolerance for alcohol and whatever. Some of the girls wear their trauma histories like an unfolded road map, and some of the guys just reek of “predator”, especially when those Coronas kick in and the inhibitions start to shed away like snakeskin. Man, if those stools could talk! They would have some serious comedies and some crazy tragedies to report, I’m sure!

This is now the email address to use for me; I wont reactivate the other one because I clearly don’t check it enough anyway. (The rest of this comment has been edited for neurotic compulsion to preserve total anonymity on the Internet, maintained thru denial despite the undeniable truth that nothing is really private anymore and confidentiality is never a guarantee.)
Love ya, Psychodoc

4 03 2008

I have to agree with Psychodoc the lingerie bars are a great place to study human nature and behavior in a raw form. You are able to find that we all have something in common and a need to let loose and be free. Often times I am asked ” Are you getting what you want at home?”. The reply for me is always yes. However it is my favorite flavor in the same package … Women. So it is nice to be able to look at, smell, and touch another women that is not your family every now and then.

24 06 2008



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