Training for Pantyhose Haven

14 07 2008

A sexy girl’s car is often used for more than driving. In some ways a car is like our second home. I keep back up hair products, perfume, make up, clothes and of course- pantyhose!

My nylons are kept in a silky bag with a sachet of lavender right next to my roadside emergency kit in the trunk.

If I need to make a quick change, I try to hide however there is always someone who catches the indecent show

ahh that video was a perfect lesson for those of you who are planning to list yourselves at Pantyhose Haven.

watch it again and again until you can work at that slow pace.

Timing is everything when you are working with a Foot Fetish.

The History of Pantyhose

27 06 2008

Sexy American tap dancer, Singer, Actress and Showgirl Ann Miller (God Bless her Heart April 12,1923 – January 22, 2004) invented the Pantyhose in the 1940’s as a solution to continual torn stockings during filming of dance production numbers. Before Ann’s Pantyhose idea the common practice was to sew hosiery to briefs worn by the Entertainer. At Ann Miller’s request, her hosiery was manufactured for her as a single piece!

Look at this legend go! Mystery Mika wants one of those classy black costumes. The feathered sides make her look so elegant. The black hosiery is a magnificent accent.

Here we have another Ann Miller performance. It is difficult to tell but it looks as though she has sewn black appliques to the hips of her hosiery. I may be able to whip up a Mystery Mika version of this costume.

Now enjoy Ann’s yellow bottom shaking the blues away! Love it baby. This is show biz all dressed up in beautiful expressive Pantyhose. All Hail the Inventor!

Are you in love with Ann Miller yet? If you have a Pantyhose fetish then watching the Showgirl who put the panty and the hose together is too damn hot!

Kisses Cadettes! Yet another Mystery unfolds. This Pantyhose summer of 2008 will be amazing as we push and run with the Pantyhose.

Pole Tricks Everywhere

19 02 2008

If calling myself Pornography drives readers to Stumbleupon my site- then by all means call me pornography. Where else can Mystery Mika be slipped into a category?

‘Post Sex Education’ as a term hasn’t really been coined yet.

As long as I don’t end up being questioned by the police- guess things are alright.

When Elvis started with his leg shaking and pole tricks he was censored because parents didn’t like the idea of their teenage daughters fainting

Personally I don’t care who he ‘stole’ his moves from. Elvis was jamming like a ‘mo fo

Elvis makes pumping trash look so easy!

Where do Strippers really fall on the food chain? I posed this question this morning to my twitter followers.

A nice lady responded: Strippers fall right below exotic/pole dancers and right above prostitutes.

The main idea seems to be that strippers come in above prostitutes for people who don’t find what Strippers do amazing or involving skill.

As far as being Entertainers, what do most people classify Stripping as? Who is brave enough or desperate enough to do it?

It really depends on who you ask. Stripping is the topic of many hip hop songs.

Check out these Pole lite Girls from Manhattan, New York. Gosh, I will I’d thought of this!

I would bet my right Ugg boot, that the majority would say that stripping is cheap entertainment.

There is of plenty sexy stuff in our mist to have conversations about but most people are too tongue tied.

For the most part, it is good for business that the mainstream can’t get away from being shy when it comes to talking about sex.

If you have never gone to a Gentlemens’ club, then you have no idea of what a pole trick really looks like on stage. Maybe we should just keep it that way.

The women seem wicked. All poke yo booty stuff gets lumped into the same category.

I am completely surprised that Victoria Secrets catalogs make it out in regular mail without having to be sealed in plastic.

Who am I to upset this delicate balance that keeps our society sneaking around and feeling guilty?

The Dawn of Valentine or What’s Love got?

14 02 2008

Tonight I gave a drunk girl a ride home. In the dressing room she was crying and bumping her head against the mirror.

My man don’t treat me right. He’s always asking me for money. I’m soooo dumb.’

I thought that maybe if I got her over to my place and gave her a little time to sober up, I could talk some sense into her.

In the end she only wanted to talk to him on the phone.

She offered me $20 dollars to drive her cell phone back over to her house- by accident she dropped it on the floor of my car as she tumbled out.

Can you please, Mika, just look in my phone’s contacts and give me the number under Sweetie daddy. He’s gonna be waiting for my call. I need to call him.

It’s after 2am. I gotta go to bed. Sorry, it will have to wait til morning. Get some sleep. I’ll drop your cell off in the morning.

I  pushed END and tossed her phone into my purse.

Let’s see what Tina Turner has to say about surviving abuse in a relationship.

wait there’s more.

Super Obama Girl

12 02 2008

A ray of sunshine never looked so good as it does resting on Amber Lee Ettinger’s hips.

Dial up Sunshine.

In less than a minute and a half- you can cheer, laugh, sing and rise to the occasion.

Whatever you think of Obama- his campaign has sparked creativity. Before Obama, there were only late night comedians taking a jab at politics.

SEXy is far more inclusive.

Fly with Super Obama Girl. Mystery Mika loves the ride.

12 02 2008

Dearest Showgirl Cadettes,

There’s no business that I know like Show Business ! Get prepared by studying what has already been done.

Pardon Momma for giving out so much homework.

To read short biographies and see classic photographs of Hollywood Babes and Starlets CLICK the Bomb Shell link under my Blogroll to the right.

Once within the site, which is more like a museum of Sexy Kittens you can Search Bombshells. Start by typing in Mae West biography.

Don’t stop there! Check Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable, Veronica Lake, Lauren Bacall, Lana Turner, Linda Darnell, Hedy Lamarr, Joan Crawford,  Jane  Mansfield…

The list and the Legends’ long legs go on.

Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk, baby.

Mae West, a Timeless Study

12 02 2008

BOLD Beauty and Elegance. I love Mae West’s big broad style.

This clip is from 1933, I’m No Angel.

The set is a little disturbing in that Mae West is surrounded by 4 Black maids whose language skills are played up to be a bit broken.

However her body build is not much smaller than the maids’. There is a striking similarity in the way all the women carry themselves.

(I’m sure heavier maids were available.) Mae West’s strut works for the heavier set, even today.

There’s no sense in trying to be smaller if you are a BIG Girl- go ahead a BE BIG. You will attract customers that enjoy thicker ladies.

Considering the date of the film, the maids get to share the stage pretty fairly.

Well we have come a long way in that respect.

Anyway Cadettes, we can learn from the way that Mae West uses her voice here. Many of her sexy quotes are famous for making men blush.

You don’t need to be a singer to put on a sexy tone. All you need to have is a light hearted attitude and confidence.

It does help if you have a naughty mind that can deliver never ending fast, flirty dialogue.

Mae West is a great study for any wanna be entertainer.