Play Dough

26 01 2008

Hiya Cadettes

This is just a quick note before I get back into the Porno Cookie Kitchen

Now I am realizing that this post should be posted at

Or maybe that is where the pictures will be when it is all said and done.

Anyway, the Porno Cookies went over very well on Mannheim Road.

Everyone noticed me and my Goodie Tray (I wore the Naughty Nurse outfit with the red cross that spreads across my boobs).

All I needed to say was something suggestive to get the laughter going.

Today I am rolling my buttery cookie tits and cocks in choco powder.

Many people want to see a black ass with white cocks. I’m trying to make a name for myself so I’d better give exactly what they ask for!

I plan on taking more time this morning shaping the sexy edible sculptures, hopefully this time my landlord won’t be peeking over my shoulder.

I would like to keep the shapes simple so that Men subconsciously think of Picasso

As a matter of fact, I think I’ll look through one of Picasso’ books right now before baking.

I’ll keep you posted.

Thinking about Vegas

31 12 2007

Whenever the hawk blows up my britches, I search the road map for sunshine.

I’ve been threatening to make this blog more informative with real news reporting which would mean getting on the road again- one way or another.

Well with kids to take care of my life is a little restricted. So I’ve decided to intellectual challenge myself instead. Like all strippers- I’m in it to win it. I want to make money. I need to make money. I don’t mind showing my ass if that’s what it takes.

Gambling has never been my thing. As a matter of fact- I am known for pocketing money given for me to ‘play’ with by Playas.

Vegas has a good reputation for being active during the cold Chicago months. Men go there to gamble and see Showgirls.

I know that you need to get a Sheriff’s card to work and that could take up to a week. It’s just too much to fly out there, find someone to babysit, dog sit and too expensive to take everyone with me- Vegas for dancing is out this Winter.

I remember reading somewhere that Diablo Cody had been keeping her Pussy Ranch blog for 2 years before she got a phone call offering her an advance. By that time table, I have another year to go.

Well my daughter needs food and health insurance now. I am constantly disappointed by babysitters. Tell me, what sane person would put a baby in a car without a car seat?

Believe it or not all of this and much more has been going on and I keep getting up everyday and trying to write for 4 hours. Now I beginning to think that I am a real writer. I’m not perfect- my grammar probably sends twitter’s @Grammargirl into a frenzy but- I try. I try to communicate and pass on what I’ve learned in my 40 years.

Yesterday I put the theory that is faster than Google to the test (providing that you have establish a network of useful twitters).

I asked my Followers if they had any ideas for self publishing because I can’t bare to wait for Diablo’s people. I want an ebook by January 20th which will be my 41st Birthday.

Several people responded with

So I checked it out.

It looks easy enough.

Now I need to pull together 60 pages that I think people would enjoy having as a download. I’m going to put a few paintings between the juicy tales- or paint some new tails to sandwich between the erotic tales…

Wish me luck.

Blurr your Mind without Spending a Dime

2 10 2007

Mystery Mika seeks a mature Posse to enjoy her sexy,  informative, Blog …. I  have a fetish  for naughty nurses… B4  you  post  it  show  ME!

I sound like a dirty old man, don’t? Some ladies like old men- I know that I went through my faze of looking for a Sugar Daddy. uhhhhhhhhhhhh. Never could find one that could pay what he weighed. (off color- joke 🙂
Nanh … Ladies popping into my Class on Stripping- I’m a Woman and I’m seeking a few Stand up Girls to Read My Blog everyday.

Start your day of banging for the buck by reading something from a VET

Enter into my Domain, Cocktail Priestess

30 08 2007

My studio is a mess. Can I get a Sissy to clean it?


messy crowded counter


this looks more like this chick Lucy than me- the jaw is too wide- chin is goofy too!


Studio where it all happens

I’d rather be problem solving these paintings than twitching my butt-

The paintings are all awful and need about 20 hours each.

I hate them… uh feels like a fit coming on

Any bad little boys needing some punishment?

I just want to wash a Slave’s head in the toilet when a painting goes wrong.

As for the women of slaves. I can teach you a few new punishments to keep them loyal.

ahhh No! I’m getting frustrated with all the bouncing around and I think the tone will be changing. What is better than a front row seat in the Domain of a Dom?

Feeling the heat baby. The Heat on your Meat!

What will make it worse for ya?

Money. Money. Money. Mad money. More mad woman money

Make my day. Sissy SLut Slave.

Clean the floor. whisper blow a kiss with the whip

hot sensation

ain’t too proud to beg r you

Who’s sweating now?

The Extrovert Stripper Voyage

30 08 2007

Before Charlie Rose asked Pulitzer’s prize – winning journalist, Connie Schultz what she thought about the Extrovert Politician, Mystery Mika was pondering the one thing every Stripper has in common: we don’t mind being watched.

Every female erotic entertainer is on a Extrovert Voyage. Before Charlie used the word extrovert, I’d forgotten it. Now I can’t help but to say: ” Thankssssssss Charlie!”

(I mean that thank you in my sweetest angel voice!)

The Extrovert Voyage is my own term as far as I know. This is what I mean by it:

In the club atmosphere, the entertainers expect to be watched. Most are pretty private in the dressing room. Unless there is a transgression of justice to pronounce, we get dressed in concentrated whispers. The center of our attention is getting our costume and make up just right. Often there are girls sitting around doing nothing but watching a lady that they admire put her sexy on.

It is humbling when a new girl pays me a compliment on an outfit that I’d worn weeks ago. Even more flattering is when a girl shows up in her version of one of my outfits. No- that’s not the best… the best of the best is when someone compliments me on a garment and asks if I made it.

I don’t make stuff unless there is a need. I made all my pregnant stripper costumes. Now all the ladies that joined the bar around that time, think that I am still making stuff.

Perhaps I would be making some fantasy costumes if I weren’t painting and writing so much- after all, I do need to sleep and take care of my children!

If a lady is watching me as I am dressing, it doesn’t bother me one bit. I’ve been looking and learning for a long time. My curiosity concerning the bodies of other women of different nationalities has been settled in the dressing room of strip bars across America .

Years of practice has made it possible for me to get out of the dressing room in 3 songs and not need to shut all other movement and friendly studying out as I do so.

Eyes piercing our gowns don’t offend us. On the contrary, we become worried if no one is looking.

First off, we are watching the money makers – veterans and the pretty young women . The money makers teach how to present that which is provocative.

The young women remind us of unpretentious body language- which men find very appealing. The ladies who have been dancing for a while are often stale. Every gesture has become a maneuver.

Some women are lost on their voyage. Often the idea of becoming just enough of this and a little bit of that is overwhelming. Perhaps they decide that it is against their feminist morals and choose to rebel. Instead of striving to be sweet, lady like and glamorous they go for the spotlight of loud, obnoxious and drunk.

The fantastic thing about being a stripper is that you can change your style, hair color, name, and approach anytime and as often as you feel like it.

I have pretty much done them all that my skin tone could pull off.

At the Harmony Burlesque Theater on 22nd street there was a chocolate as chocolate could get dancer who named herself Cara.

Cara was the purest Black Barbie- I’d ever met. She looked awesome in white or periwinkle. Her mannerisms were always poised perfect regardless of how many customers were in the club. She embodied Black Barbie (Cara) for to turn herself on.

I think she told me that her nose and boobs had been surgically altered twice each. Her voice was her own but she trained it to sound just like velvet. She wore macro braids and permanent individual eye lashes but hardly any other make up. I would not be surprised if she makes it to the show Beauty and the Geek one day.

Who knows what Cara was before she polished herself to project a life size Barbie doll. It is not surprising to get to know a lady as one way and then run into that same lady a year or even a month later at a different bar and find that she has completely, convincingly recreated herself.

Now if strippers are so dumb, explain how a bimbo could learn how to do such a thing. Average women pay coaches dearly to achieve the look that sells their Ideal Self.

By Candle Light

26 08 2007

Wax Dolls are for fantasy. Who could you find to melt your pain away during the black out? The summer storm bent over Oaks and snapped off branches sending them sailing down the boulevard. After the gray cloud emptied it’s salty stomach and the wind blew Mother Nature’s angry breath, my electricity was dis-configured for 3 days.

As a result to the Storm of 2007, the Strawberri Superstarr painting I’d just begun was changed to Wax Doll.

Will this cartoon marionette become the mascot for your daily wet dream? Determined not to brake stride because of bad weather- I kept sane by continuing to paint. I noted how easy it was for me to lapse into painting without the temptation of television and the computer.

My focus on the outer appearance of Kim dissolved as much as my modern conveniences.  I painted the inner Kim- instead of the outer Kim. Actually I think that Wax Doll is a portrait of Kim’s attempt to associate with a popular attainable Ideal Self.

It is one thing to look like a cartoon and another to look like a doll and yet another to become a Marionette.

For those of you just tuning in- Strawberri Super Starr is based on Kim, a black Vietnamese woman I ‘know’. She really paints her face before WORK to look like a Geisha doll which is very striking on a caramel face.

In the painting, Strawberri is posed the size of a doll on a book shelf with a tapered candle that has been blown out. She has taken on the characteristics of a burning candle. I have yet to decide what book titles to have her sitting over- I’m thinking the Bible, and Women In The Bible for two of the books.

Leave a comment for other book suggestions.
This a taboo chemistry. What books would make the strongest impact upon the viewer?

Is Strawberri Super Starr a spiritual land mine? Will the likes of her make you burst into flames? Will just a little taste send you on a downward spiral or will she just have what it takes to keep you warm until the power is restored.

Oh I am having a ball digging my stilettos into this one! Subject matter is the easy part- technically I have my lows.

During the blackout available light was a factor and I accidentally changed my palette because I was on a painting roll. Ozzy Osbourne’s I Don’t Want to Stop was running through my mind because there was nothing else to play it on.

By the time I figured out that I should label my oil sticks- the painting was finished and the electricity was restored.

The end result isn’t that bad, let’s just say that the painting looks better at night with a yellow candle light glow besides it. In fact, I think of all these paintings are great as Bar Art. Where else can you hang such Party Girls?

Well after coping with color without real light- I’m finished with color for a while. The next painting will only have 4 colors. Actually I’ve already started the Self portrait of me putting on eye liner. No more cartoons either. This self portrait is minimum and figurative.

Today I will try to take some of my paintings out to the park to photograph them to post-

just another something task to do!

Strawberri Super Starr

20 08 2007


My obsession with hot Asian women started in High School and peaked on the streets of San Francisco. Tonight I am going to begin my painting based on my first Asian heart throb, Strawberri Superstarr.

This little sexy cartoon chick (thumbnail) was done with the assistance of my Graphic Guru. He attempted to convince me that drawing on the computer could be faster than painting with oil sticks and linseed oil. Talk about a pain in the ass!

When painting, time escapes me. My subject is getting into all types of trouble in my dirty mind. I love stretching the personality of my muse over canvas. Tonight this line babe will find new life on a 16×20 primed cloth.

The odd pink color has to go! I must stay strict with my palette- every painting must tie in with Toulouse- Lautrec.

Love you all!