Frances dear didn’t know she was a hot sex kitten

19 02 2008

Annie like lollipops

Anise lollipops

Anne’s anise lollipops

Give her kisses an anise flavor

When her tongue lies only on the short stick.

She takes her legs to her body (to run off)

and goes back to the drugstore

For a few pennies

Anne gets her anise lollipops

They have the color of her big eyes

The color of happy days.

When the anise flavored barley sugar

Sinks in Annie’s throat

She is in Heaven

This is the only translation that I was able to find on the Internet. All my French friends are still sleeping.

Thanks to youtube member BEKERIANO I can offer this black and white video link of Frances Gall performing Les Sucettes.

Wait til you see the head on the thing she is stroking in her lap!

Research leads me to believe that at the tender age of 18, Frances didn’t understand the hidden meaning of the lyrics that she was singing. Wikipedia says that she hid for weeks after finding out what men were thinking as she sang the innocent song.

Well later in life Frances Gall got more control over her career and sang this hit song to the Blues legend Ella Fitzgerald. The video in the background leads me to think that she was paying homage to the African American strife going on in America  at the time.

My French is terrible. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The Dawn of Valentine or What’s Love got?

14 02 2008

Tonight I gave a drunk girl a ride home. In the dressing room she was crying and bumping her head against the mirror.

My man don’t treat me right. He’s always asking me for money. I’m soooo dumb.’

I thought that maybe if I got her over to my place and gave her a little time to sober up, I could talk some sense into her.

In the end she only wanted to talk to him on the phone.

She offered me $20 dollars to drive her cell phone back over to her house- by accident she dropped it on the floor of my car as she tumbled out.

Can you please, Mika, just look in my phone’s contacts and give me the number under Sweetie daddy. He’s gonna be waiting for my call. I need to call him.

It’s after 2am. I gotta go to bed. Sorry, it will have to wait til morning. Get some sleep. I’ll drop your cell off in the morning.

I  pushed END and tossed her phone into my purse.

Let’s see what Tina Turner has to say about surviving abuse in a relationship.

wait there’s more.

Proud Mary

12 02 2008

Skilled dancers can break down the lifetime of a cherry blossom into universal gestures.. Trained and practiced singers have the willpower to push a melody so far under your skin that your spine tingles from vibrations of unknown truth.

Even babies will dance in the presence of a superb performer.

Once upon a time, I bobbed my head to Proud Mary without even understanding a single word that Tina said.

I remember my grandmother’s wooden record player. When the top was down it looked like a long, narrow table.

In the afternoon, after she fed her guppies, she would sing and dance to her favorite albums by Elvis, Sammy Davis, Dean Martin, Ike and Tina.

My life hadn’t yet gotten rough but I remember noting the difference between the way she sang ‘nice and easy‘ vs. ‘rough

Love was being nicknamed Sugar Lump

Love was being innocent- almost 3

Love was watching my grandmother grin. Her crisp apron tied around her chubby waist.

Is it ironic that my grandmother’s name was Mary?

Fore Play with Graham English

19 01 2008

Music deserves a closer look by all performers including Strippers. Recently Mystery Mika has explored Graham English a twittering, blogging, professional musician.

By the way he is a blond hottie with a great voice for podcasting.

LISTEN WATCH READ and much more at

Educate yourself by combing through Graham’s site. He provides links to podcasts that discuss theory, history and entertainment.

As Showgirl Cadettes who generally perform to pop music, it may help you to stand out and earn better tips if you actually can talk a little about real Music to your customers.

Graham’s links are the sort of hook ups that can lead a girl to higher places.

Did I mention that he is really Cute. Better looking than Bon Jovi? Flood him with Fan mail After learning something Ladies!

oops think I did say that already.

Striptease Wedding Cupcake

26 10 2007


Hi Mika Showgirl Cadettes, 
It's Betsy here with my butter cream frosted, red velvet, wedding cupcakes!
Yummy delights with cream cheese surprises.
Mika: You had 2 different frostings?
Betsy: In this case- I made it happen.It added to the work load. 
Some of the cupcakes were carrot with cream cheese and others where red velvet
with butter cream.

Betsy continues: When I met with the bride and groom about their wedding cake they
wanted something different.  She knew she wanted red velvet cake but
didn't like traditional wedding cakes.
We agreed cupcakes were the most appropriate for this down-to-earth couple. 
Music is the center piece of the young couples' live together.
The groom is a bass player who plays in a few bands in Chicago.
The whole wedding was filled with music; accapella singers, bass solos,
two bands (Hardscrabble and The Thin Man), a DJ, and much more.  
As the Bride walked down the isle, a duet
was being performed by a stand up bass player and a woman playing a musical Saw.

The Bride wanted to incorporate all of this into the presentation of the cake!
After many sleepless nights, we came up
with the idea of creating a scene surrounding the cupcakes implying
the were "getting busy" nearby and were not to be disturbed.
The whimsical Bride tracked down miniature replicas of their wedding attire;
her gown and the groom's rose colored shirt!Even the groom's boxer shorts and socks!
I positioned the miniature stand up
bass on the top tier of the cupcake tower with a little note reading
"Do Not Disturb!"  and then placed all of the doll clothing about the tower as if 
they had haphazardly taken them off.
The Bride wanted home style cake that reflected the newlywed's sense of
fun and southern roots. 
The theme may also be done beautifully on a traditional cake. People have a hard
time resisting cupcakes because they can take on many forms- from
rustic to classy.  You can dress them up or dress them down to your
liking and before you know it they are all gone!  
I think the important thing to remember is to bring your personal taste to
every aspect of your wedding.Think outside of the box.
I love working with imaginative couples that want to try new things and
aren't afraid of color. I look a wedding cake as a piece of edible
art, it is a blank canvas to paint a picture on .  In the case of the
striptease cupcake I got to "paint" a pretty vivid picture that I know
will be talked about for a long time.
Mika: How long have you been a patisserie chef?
Betsy: About 2 years.
Mika: How long did it take and what school did you attend?
Betsy: I went to the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago.
I was in the 1 year program which includes an internship- I earned a Associates Degree.
Mika: Was it expensive?
Betsy: between 25 and 30 thousand- I'm still making my payments-
I got a student loan. It's not that much of a headache.
Mika: what is in the mix right now?
Betsy: My desserts for Friday October 26 are: Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding,
Aunt Ruby's Apple Slices A La Mode, Pumpkin Cake.
The decadence dreams are being served at Bite Cafe, 1035 North Western Avenue in Chicago.
Brian Ferguson is the Head Chef and I am currently the Pastisserie Chef.
Mika: Yesterday, I enjoyed your Molasses Spice Cake served with a light cream cheese frosting
caramel dripped over the sides. It was crowned with freshly whipped cream.
I squealed for mercy at every single bite.
Betsy, You are the cat's meow.

Betsy is available for your special occasion contact:


Intro to Music with Tommy Klein #2

25 10 2007

It is late morning and I am sipping on Green Jade tea and listening to Tommy Klein practice Waltz in G by Ferdinand Carulli. It is interesting to catch up with the old schoolers to see what and how they keep up with the flow in these ever changing times.

Keep in mind that Tommy is so occupied with his acoustic guitar that he doesn’t even know that I am interviewing him. We are just chatting. Later I say thanks for the interview!

His guitar is a nylon string, student model, Gracia guitar that he says isn’t really expensive but it has a sticker on the inside that tells where all the wood came from and that it was made in 1970.

Mika: How long have you been practicing today?

Tommy K: This morning, I got up and started around 4:30am because I couldn’t sleep.

We started out talking about Harry Belafonte, Miriam Makeba and Bobby Darin. My friend Dan had been playing Belafonte yesterday at Bite Cafe on his Ipod – my 10 month old, daughter loved it. Suddenly I want to know more about Harry Belafonte. I am asking every musician that I know about Harry.

Tommy K : Harry Belafonte is an activist- back in his day he was King of Calypso. It makes sense that a toddler would find his music ‘bouncable‘. Calypso is enjoyable because it is dynamic with surprising sounds.

Mika: I see a spectrum of color while listening to Harry

Tommy K: My mentor and teacher, Jack Cecchini played as part of the band for Harry Belafonte and Miriam Makeba. Jack played with Bobby Darin too. Bobby Darin supported and marched with Martin Luther King. You can say that those performers were pioneers when it came down to entertainers joining movements and demanding civil rights.

One night in the early 90’s, when I was still operating the Vic Theatre… Miriam Makeba and her band were playing… I went outside to have a look around and there was Jack Cecchini standing in line! I got him out of line, brought him inside and put him in a box.

I didn’t know he was coming because I hadn’t talked to him in a long time. Jack hadn’t talked to Miriam in a long time. Everyone had a blast.

You should try to interview Jack. I bet he has some show business stories for you. Back in their day, those musicians were cutting edge. Jack played with all of them and he always slept with the band and didn’t go along with the black/white this and that separation nonsense!

Mika: How did you meet Jack Ceccini?

Tommy K: When I was 17 years old, I had a music teacher on the south side of Chicago who I’d been taking lessons from- one day he took me aside and said- look Kid, I’ve taken you as far as I can take you. It is time you seek another Teacher. He recommended Jack Ceccini who had a little store that was managed by his wife, Eve.

Tommy K: I wanted to learn from the best, so I called the store and booked a lesson. The rest is history!

Mika: Why do you practice classical music if you are considered a Jazz musician?

Tommy K: Classical has good format and good technique it can be applied to modern jazz and rock. You want to have good technique even when you play electric guitar!

Mika: I have absolutely no idea of what good technique consists of but I love Along the Watch Tower by Jimi Hendrix.

Tommy K: All Along the Watchtower? That’s a Bob Dylan tune. Jimi Hendrix liked Bob Dylan a lot.

Mika: That surprises me. They seem so different- but then I know squat about music.

Tommy Klein gets up from the music stands and walks over to his Mac. I think he was trying to find Bob Dylan doing All Along the Watchtower but comes up with Dylan doing Like a Rolling Stone instead.

Tommy K: Jimi Hendrix did like a Rolling Stone too.

Mika: I think of Bob Dylan as a poet. I must admit that all these years of dancing-  I’ve only recently  started paying attention to who wrote the music that I dance to. DJ have been handling all that stuff. I’m too cheap to put money in the juke box- I just say play some Rock or R and B.

Tommy K: Bob Dylan is a  poet- he was saying something important to that generation when he wrote those songs… listen to the lyrics. Dylan has mass appeal.

Mika: What are you listening to lately?

Tommy K: Right now, I’m on this Opera’s Greatest Tenors kick. I made friends with this guy down the street- so happens he’s a accomplished, local, opera singer. He played me one of his recordings and he sounds just like Pavarotti- but then I don’t know much about opera. Anyway, we started this book exchange. I’m studying the history of opera and the greatest tenors. It’s cool. The funny thing is that I never like that kind of music before.

Mika: Why do you think that you were like that then and what caught your ear recently?

Tommy K: Well it is so organic. My neighbor has a collection of recordings and a Victrola. When he cranked up the album it was all scratchy and stuff but it sounded so ripe. I was taken aback. Back in those days the musicians had to get it right without sound studio technology.

Mika: Maybe you ran out of other styles and Opera is your last frontier.

Tommy K: Neeeh. As you get older, you get more open minded… Opera wasn’t my style… it’s an acquired taste- Guess now I am old enough to appreciate it.

Party like a Rock Star

21 10 2007

What’s backstage in your mind?

I heard that So  You Wanna be a Rock Star by Jacob Slicher was a good read.

After so many serious post- I decided to take it light this Sunday.

Kiss Kiss

Madam Naughty Nurse Mika