The Official Gay Pimp

3 08 2008

There are many many many men in strip bars that I’ve had the pleasure of over hearing Broke Back Mountain Jokes from. Listening to men hang out with each other has changed my opinion- not only on how men think, but how they feel.

I don’t get the feeling that straight men are as homophobic as they act around their girlfriends or wives. I think they just act that way to make their female partners feel secure.

Men like to tease each other about Sex. Unlike grown women, Men like being with each other.

Fact, I hear far more men on men jokes than I hear guy on girl jokes. Maybe there are equal amounts of wise cracks aimed at both sexes but the guy to guy sex jokes stand out more. It could be that I have been dancing so long that I’ve become numb to things said in reference to men having sex with a woman…

It could be that men who go to strip bars are just a different breed.

I’m not saying that all men are sorta gay in a way but it does seem to me that every since that Broke Back movie came out- men have gotten more comfortable making jokes about giving some love to their male friends.

Men hug more. Men around me kiss each other on the neck more often.

In spite of the war, Maybe America is becoming a gentler nation.

I think Jonny McGovern should run for office… He can sing like Elvis if he wants to.

Mystery Mika would know, we performed together at Surf Reality on the Lower East side of New York almost a decade ago. Personally I really enjoy his singing voice. I probably would have dated him on that harmony skill alone- if he wasn’t so gay. Here wait let Jonny sing it to you- he’s a fuc@%&! Genuis. Showgirls, Songwriters, Singers can you touch this? Watch it and Praise. Kiss the ground He walks on for setting you straight about Men.

ah here’s some more of Jonny McGovern, this time with a little attitude. He was taking it easy in the first few videos.

See what happens when I write allllllllll night. I find something in my  memories you can feel.

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Cafe Press

Do you hate strippers?

2 08 2008

Do you hate strippers? Do you suspect your boyfriend or husband of hanging out in strip bars when he should be spending quality time with you? Do you feel as if Strippers should find some better solution to their economics woes. Do you think that this behavior is really Soul Sacrifice?

Do you think it is fine time for Soul evolution. Would you like to see a sexy brain at work instead of tits and ass? Here’s some wanna be stripper revenge!

Excuse me, Certain content is banned because decent society needs protection from Bikini Abuse and Misuse! Here’s a little revenge.

If you really HATE Stripper- poke some fun and EM BED this video!

This has been a Soul Sacrifice Public Service Announcement by Mystery Mika

Double Jeopardy Mika

30 07 2008

I love games. Adult games. Card games. Water games. I almost like watching more than I like playing. Spin the bottle was the first game that I ever played that I wasn’t suppose to know about. Well now I’m old enough to play any game that I want- I’m trying to play the Web Traffic game without getting extra dirty.

Eros Slave, The Peeling

24 07 2008

“Trust me,” he said as the corner of his lips slightly upturned into a love so tender grin. He was no Elvis.

Without warning, He let her finger slip out of his hand and headed for the dark beckoning night.

She wanted to do exactly that- trust him for eternity. Even though she was standing up, her legs parted to offer him every inch.

He only lightly stroked the outside of her thigh with his fingertips- never even closing his hand or squeezing the twitching flesh.

Please take me with you! Rhonda winced. It did no good. His smile remained the same but his eyes twinkled- throughly pleased by the fact she ached for him to join her.

‘Come back at the end… we can fly home together!’ She begged.

‘Close your eyes, I will be with you all night and the night after that! You will never be alone again, not tonight or any other night- unless you want to.’

His voice was rough and seductive as if he’d been courting the moon.

This is an excerpt- Rhonda’s story of Eros, immortality, love and lusty Vampire Slavery as told by Mystery Mika

Unwilling she squeezed- attempting to hold in the dew droplets that made her insides swell and nipples harden as they seemed to be frozen within the center of the pulsating, rhythmic Altamont Speedway.

Why doesn’t he just take me? She pondered to herself through an Ecstasy- Vino Noir haze. She had drank a lot of wine but the full bodied fermented blossoms did not dampen her craving for his juices. Instead she floated half conscious on a mosaic cloud.

I would do anything he asked of me, at this point in the game- Right or Wrong. She tried to correct her thoughts but her Will was too strong and strung out to listen to reason.

Power driven, the unconcerned patrons strutted and danced for one another. Slightly they pressed their sweating body against hers as they answered the beat of the base guitar. The razor sounds had no impact on her. She only had feelings for him.

There were too many people between them and he was almost at the edge of the massive crowd. For an instant- he paused to tease himself with the neck of a sun dipped brunette and then he moved onto a milky blond. Each invited him. With her eyes completely closed, Rhonda could witness his every stroke before his bite.

According to his whispers, this is how she was to learn to hunt for him if and when there was a need. Even though she was not a killer she looked forward to the moment that she could do something for him. After watching him do it so many times, she thought that she was more than ready to suck the blood out.

The only part that she hated was when he did it- the women experienced so much pleasure before the end came. Rhonda told her self that that pleasure should only be hers but she knew that the closest she would ever get to it would to feed him.

He mocked her jealousy by saying that he preferred his women dripping from all crevices.

In time she would get her chance. The day would arrive that she will be summoned to his rescue. He told her that she is in training for that day. Until then she should focus on getting what she wanted from her power.

So, quietly she watched him dance and hunt the crowd. From where she stood it looked as if he was having the time of his life. Every since she was little , she wanted his kind of Edge.

Rhonda’s noticed how her tongue got hot as soon as he got close enough to grip the unsuspecting next victim.

He circled a blonde’s pale earlobe with his nose. His right hand found its way under her skirt. With a sharp finger nail, he slit her pantyhose. Under her maddening platinum curls he slowly sniffed the back of her extended neck as she tossed her head back to the shrill guitar.

Again, His needle thin fangs located behind his porcelain dentures bite into her jugular vein. The blond sank to her knees in wasted tantrum snatching like an animal at his belt buckle.

Rhonda wanted at least that much from him but her skinned was already peeled and her fibrous muscle was too tough for him to waste. She was a Keeper. He wanted her for something other than a quick meal. He wanted her soul as a host for his afflicted memories. Rhonda was in training to be his Eros Slave for the next century.

In her dreams he made her follow him to the concerts where he liked to feed. As a captive she was made to understand his thirst and intentions. Now that she knew his secrets- she did not want to disappoint or loose him. She felt empty when she angered him and abandoned when he blocked her out of his consciousness. She hated the things he did but could not bare to turn her back on him. Aside from that she wanted the wealth of immortality.

Stay with them. He motioned into the air as he levitated a few feet over the crowd. Go do your thang! Dance, enjoy the music. Let loose…Find a guy or girl. Have some fun, he ordered.

Obediently she stopped in her tracks and turned around to face the opposite direction. Rhonda forced herself not to look back over her shoulder. What he did was his business. If she was lucky she would never see him again.

Unfortunately she was already peeled away too much of her humanity. There was no turning back from the journey she was on. She was mad and would likely die in jail for unmentionable, blood sport crimes if he decided he had no use for her.

I will be becoming a full vampire when he is ready for my service! She tapped her heart. She smiled to herself as she noticed the irregular flutter. As the pounding gets weaker- I get stronger. Good bye 9-5!

Her heart tried to fight but it was no use- her soul was committed to leaving this human slave life behind. She hated the President, the company she worked for and her neighbor’s chihuahua.

Ten years ago, she was at the top of her game. She had a boat house and hot girlfriend. She was average looking and grateful until the War and all the pay cuts that followed. After she lost her job, the only thing that made her feel alive was sex with strange men. The next morning she would scrub herself and try to wash the agonizing desperation down the drain.

Until she met her Vampire Master, she wanted nothing to do with the sinister film of her actions. When she found him, she found herself. He offered her everlasting peace by letting her blood run to her knees. When she was on the brink of life he stuck his ancient cock in her mouth and allowed her to taste a few droplets of his immortality. He withdrew the pipeline before she could get her fill. It was enough how ever to make her rush to the window when he arrived.

On the first night that she flew with him, she had lied to herself. She said that she was only going to do it once his way. She promised that she would beg God for forgiveness and stick to it. She told herself that she would bring him into the light but instead she was engulfed into his velvet lusty night.

His embrace was unforgettable.

His lips moved to overwrite the smoke in the air: ‘there’s plenty of time, you’re not going anywhere alone again- unless you want to!’

Thinking back to the beginning she laughed out loud at her silly worries. Her average girly concerns.

From their first kiss, she knew she was chosen to be his mate. She was annoyed with human artificial hypocrite love.

Now, not only did she want him to have her body; she wanted to give him her silent discretion.

Every time he mounted her, his ivory silhouette was frozen as he pumped because she stopped time to measure his honesty.

Was this true love? Would he commit to her? Did she have what it takes to become a real vampire. Deep down did disbelief still exist? Could she be a monster?

Was there nothing to stop her from making his power her advantage?

Tune in next time for Eros Slave, The Longing as told by Mystery Mika!

Welcome Amsterdam Craigslist

21 07 2008

This is almost the place Amsterdam Vixens. Pantyhose Haven is just a click away. It would have been so much easier to just include my email address and website url in my invitation on craigslist Amsterdam but won’t allow it. Please check out Mystery Mika’s exciting premiere pantyhose fetish fantasy dancer listing.

The experience of adding your Pantyhose Portrait, stage name and location promises to be everything you dream of by offering you a tasteful listing opportunity. Pick up some new fans by becoming a part of the ever evolving erotic fantasy gallery.

Training for Pantyhose Haven

14 07 2008

A sexy girl’s car is often used for more than driving. In some ways a car is like our second home. I keep back up hair products, perfume, make up, clothes and of course- pantyhose!

My nylons are kept in a silky bag with a sachet of lavender right next to my roadside emergency kit in the trunk.

If I need to make a quick change, I try to hide however there is always someone who catches the indecent show

ahh that video was a perfect lesson for those of you who are planning to list yourselves at Pantyhose Haven.

watch it again and again until you can work at that slow pace.

Timing is everything when you are working with a Foot Fetish.

The Ultimate Trick Daddy or the Pioneer of the Modern Poster

12 07 2008

Thunder had come and gone unnoticed. The crowd was thick and streamed inside without a break. Women wiggled and clanked rock glasses in the misty folds of the party atmosphere. Jack Daniels, Hennessy and Tequila were a plenty for their disposal.

Sally was so cute in her pink fishnets. My adoration for her could keep me up all night painting if I didn’t have bills to pay.

The men where relieved to be in the friendly confines. They toasted and boosted as they tossed off another difficult week.

Nothing has changed in Chicago- more lay offs and the cost of fuel still climbing higher, leaves every class wondering how bad it’s gonna get.

Location changes but History keeps repeating itself.

Moments in life can be a symphony of occurrences until a tinker bell comes along and turns it into a movement. Henri Toulouse Lautrec achieved exactly that by using the risque Entertainer as his muse.

Watch this video to see where Mystery Mika draws inspiration.

Mannheim Road off of the Eisenhower Expressway near Chicago is about as close as you will get to Paris 1890.

Hopefully my upcoming poster art will make you want to come have a beer at Bobby’s Bar!