Photo Credits

Most of my slick ass photos come from istock is a online image agency. It has taken hours to comb through their libraries to find images to fit my text.

Dreambox Foto Studio, 2415 W. North Avenue, Chicago, Il, 60647… 773.292.0419 updated my head shots that were used as a thumbnail for Where did the scene go? and Nuri Strikes Again?

The other images, such as the naughty line drawings are pieces that I have drawn or worked on in collaboration with graphic artist, Don Payton from Chicago.

I hope you all enjoy and learn from the images that I have carefully chosen.

Thanks to all that have collaborated with me! You rock.

One response

8 06 2007

wow. met you tonite. the guy with the ponytail. Wish we could’ve hung out and talked a bit more tonite, but had to get home and our brief time together was so, well, i had to get home. Thanks again. Would love to talk some more, sure you get that a lot, but the blog thoughts are pretty fascinating and deep and am going to have to re-read tomorrow when i’m sobered up. write back,


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