16 08 2008

Well Summer is just about over. Mystery Mika has been having a great time at Pantyhose Haven but is  looking forward to a nice Autumn of taking my Show on the road. Pantyhose Haven may be slowing down. There will only be one Pantyhose video added each week or when I’m motivated.

The good news is that Mystery Mika will be coming to a Beauty Shop near you offering several treats!

The Hair documentation on my somewhat mainstream and low key  youtube channel is attracting more views per day than any other thing that I have going. Hair Care and Hair Style is a popular subject which makes me optimistic about taking this Hair matter a step further.

Keep up to date with my Salon Features by subscribing to my youtube channel. I will be documenting special occasion, streaking, frosting , conditioning, relaxer hair processes.

One funny thing that I’ve noticed during my  time behind the camera  at the Salon is that  Fetish does not escape the Beauty Salon.  People have fetishes around Rollers and Capes to start. So not to leave any group out Mystery Mika will purposely strike a pose-

Roll Me Up and Love Me

12 05 2008

Big rollers for medium to long hairPuppyLove

Sometimes I wonder how much of getting my hair done by my beautician is actually about revisiting positive moments of my child hood. After all, Moms who do their little girls hair are communicating care and love.

It is possible to find hair dressers who are inspirational, sensitive and skilled in Chicago.

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