Upskirt Woman part 2

7 08 2008

Are your legs cramped under that office chair? Well since I’m trying to keep Pantyhose Haven from getting flagged for being too naughty- I added this Office Chrissy Moran in Pantyhose heeerre Hehe.

This is a treat for Mystery Mika’s loyal readers!

Training for Pantyhose Haven

14 07 2008

A sexy girl’s car is often used for more than driving. In some ways a car is like our second home. I keep back up hair products, perfume, make up, clothes and of course- pantyhose!

My nylons are kept in a silky bag with a sachet of lavender right next to my roadside emergency kit in the trunk.

If I need to make a quick change, I try to hide however there is always someone who catches the indecent show

ahh that video was a perfect lesson for those of you who are planning to list yourselves at Pantyhose Haven.

watch it again and again until you can work at that slow pace.

Timing is everything when you are working with a Foot Fetish.