The Big Pink Slip LOL Cat Icanhascheezburger!

13 10 2008

The first thing I wanted to know when I started my blog was who in the Hell are these Icanhascheezburger people. When I first started my blog, the lol cat was always on the first page at wordpress. I was pondering why so many people comment on their kitten photos! It took a while before I realized that readers were able to add their own pics. Actually I know that this is now the case as Icanhascheezburger has since moved to their own domain. They allow for you to make your own funny kitten picture and have currently branched into funny ferrets photos too. Ahh the simple life of sharing on the internet!

Today while searching for an answer about changing the dimensions of a video I ran across this ICANHASCHEEZBURGER video with Ben Huh. It is weird that there are so many Hatah comments following the video since we all know the development has been a huge success.

There’s a huge gap between what we know and what we need to know to stay afloat during these tough economic times. The city of Chicago recently gave out about 250 pink slips on city jobs. There had been

an ongoing myth that if you were lucky enough to get City Employment your job would be safe and always secure. Not true. All jobs are at risk. Except people who love making cat jokes at Icanhascheezeburger!

Everyone wishes that the could think of some great idea that would drive traffic to their website.

Since really dumb things seem to get tons of traffic on the internet- here is a very silly video of Mystery Mika in a tight pink slip listening to a geek on the internet talk about his success. I am eating a very hot pepper and just being the miltf next door.

Mystery Mika has been very busy over at Pantyhaven attempting to upload at least 2 real videos a week. The work load has run me into the ground. Perhaps I’ve lost part of my mind and needed to just let my hair get tangled. All alone, I am constantly sorting material and trying to keep up the demands of being an internet hottie.

Several times I have run into tech problems because I really don’t know a damn thing about computers or dealing with video files.

For me twitter has been a life jacket in a sea of blood thirsty alligators. Everyone wants a blow job for any help that they can offer me- except my twitter followers. Unfortunately that is not a figure of speech!

If it were not for the geeks at Twitterverse I’d would have given up my dreams of directing and uploading entertainment a long time ago. Mystery Mika is living proof that if you type around a geek somewhere will be happy to answer a technical question without expecting oral manipulation afterwards.

What can I say? The internet has ruined it for the pimps!