Moments from Anarchy #1

8 08 2008

I received this email yesterday from a ‘slave’.

Dear Mistress Paris,

I am forever in your debt as it is, Your beauty and presence alone gives me an ache in my loins that runs several souls deep but I dare to bother you with this request anyhow.

Will you please take a bubble bath in your pantyhose and post it on your Pantyhose Haven website.

Today I joined the ranks of many Americans who recently began their ‘unemployment endentureship’. I lost my job today. I can no longer afford my wife or my mortgage. I can live with that but what I can’t live with is no longer being able to afford you. If there is any hope what so ever that you may find a use for a jobless pantyhose slob like myself – I would do anything to be in your graces again.

God be with me.

I am staring down the barrel of a shotgun.

I’ve considered tampering with my brake line at least then as I go over the bridge my wife could get insurance but that would not do you any good.

Mistress please, give me hope

I am a mere Brooklyn Beast with a fetish for your Epic Black Hole

Stroke your long strong legs with coffee nylons and rub them with soap. Dedicate it to me and my hardship. Please take a bath and commit me as your drowning victim.

One last thing, Mistress release me- it is the best way to end it… I am within the clutches of the Noddy Princess J- You can negotiate for my body parts later. For now, I can work for my boss under the table for cash

She uses her teeth too much and I’ll have to hide her phone but she’ll buy me drinks.

In the cruelest way possible she told me that she would never sign another check. Everything that was happening was my fault… Sales are down because of me. People don’t come in as often for meat because my cases aren’t a good display. I’m worthless and should never had been making 28 dollars an hour in the first place!

I deserve my fate. My wife should leave me and I should loose my house. I only gave that job 16 years.

At 44 what can I do put pull the trigger

unless you have mercy on me-Dear Mistress

Sincerely Slave John

11 07 2008

Pantyhose Haven is a premiere listing set up for the Fantasy Dancer from coast to coast. In keeping with Mika’s Summer Showgirl School 2008 pantyhose fetish focal point- I’ve chosen to narrow the images to showcase the ladies wearing pantyhose and stockings. Consider the pantyhose as a uniform that may be dressed up or left bare.

The goal of Pantyhose Haven is give an alternative marketing venue and listing for Fantasy Dancers to present themselves exactly the way they choose to be displayed.

The dancer does not need to worry about her tasteful, sexy image being sandwiched between explicit sex ads and generic sex content. I love music so I’ve linked a few sexy celebrity videos! All of the videos have a lot of celebrity leg action to make the Entertainer listing a jolly to troll!

It is not necessary to show your face, but I do suggest that you summit photos of your true body- not to misled your possible patrons. Digital photos may be submitted via email. Email your photo within the body of your email to

suggestive tasteful full frontal pantyhose view

suggestive tasteful full frontal pantyhose view

Please include your Stage name, Club name, City and State. A line about yourself is optional.

No phone numbers will be listed. Pantyhose Haven is not a Escort Service or Dating Network.

Mystery Mika will work hard to make Pantyhose Haven a valuable tool in helping you as an Entertainer to build a loyal following.

Pantyhose 4 More

25 06 2008

Happy Wednesday Pantyhose Slave. As I sit here soaking up the sun and typing to you I am sweating into the soft cotton crotch of my magnetic nylons that are clinging to my browned sturdy legs. I’ve been dancing all night.

In about an hour I’m on my way to dance some more and sweat some more into the silky pores of my pantyhose.

When I get to work I may just decide to switch pantyhose for a cooler pair… these ones will be baked with my crotch candy by the end of the drive… depends on whether or not I open the sun roof and part my thighs.

If there’s time, I’ll stop at the drug store to pick up an entirely fresh box or two of pantyhose. My work bag is crammed with moderately used stockings and sheer to waist pantyhose. If I want to wear those some more I really should do it while I am at home.

The best way to sweat in my pantyhose at home is to take my dog for a run while wearing the nylons under my jogging pants.

I much rather do that to insure quality Mystery Mika Pantyhose to my Pantyhose Sluts than to than to wear three at a time in the summer.

Be sure to instant message your Pantyhose Mistress today at for a delicious pair of Pantyhose.

If you are in Chicago, stop in at Bobby’s Bar you get them fresh out of my steaming bag.

All tributes are accepted with paypal.

Mika’s Pantyhose 4 more Vitamin F (FUN) are $25. Not only is Mystery Mika wearing them for Fun… Mika’s Pantyhose are officially for Sale!

Make ’em runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn sluts!

Second Skin

25 06 2008

Dungeons have many items for severity. When I swung a whip for a living my favorite matter of bondage was the Pantyhose. I thought it was sexy to peel off my second skin and use it to restrain my slave. This is why I’ve chosen to use everything Pantyhose as my first Mystery Mika fetish focal point.

With this Pantyhose Fetish lesson, Cadettes, you will embark upon the wild spectrum of how far a Mistress can develop a Pantyhose Fetish. We will study the light pantyhose slave, the Love pantyhose slave and the severe punishable pantyhose slave over this summer of 2008!

Upcoming we have a Pantyhose video from one of my Favorite Pantyhose Priestesses- Penelope Pantyhose. In her videos she is normal, matter of fact which is very much in line with the core of a fetish like Pantyhose. Basically Penelope could be any woman. Her makeup isn’t dramatic and her hair isn’t rock star. She is desirable because she could easily be in the office cubical right next door to you wearing her silky second skin that hugs her tender thigh.

Pantyhose Slavery isn’t about whips and chains. This nylon fetish is all about Presence and texture.

Unlike many other fetishes, Pantyhose are very accessible. Many women wear them on a daily basis which means that men who get off on pantyhose have their fantasy present at most times throughout their day. This is a great insight to the Pantyhose slave.