Burn Dance Student

7 08 2008

Now that I’m switching to online sexy activities, I’ve become a student again. Regardless of being comfortable in front of a LIVE audience filming an amateur video is challenging.

Many gentlemen club goers don’t get a rush from watching women on the computer and will walk away from the screen no matter what celebrity chick is grinding. Shockingly, a guy lost interest in Kelly Ripa’s Air Stocking Show immediately.

I’ve learned to expect negative feedback to my precious collection of sensual sexy videos.

The fact is however- more and more women are offering sexy flashes of their lives online. Some are selling products others are outrageous exhibitionists. Whatever the case may be Mystery Mika has become a student out what raids the bank account by driving the male senses mad online.

Here is one of Mystery Mika’s youtube choices. This is Miss jacquelina7152 She submits from Australia

For the record- Australia knows how to throw an after game Party

Well while I’m at it here’s something for Ladies who love Rugby a lot of man in their life