Burn Dance Student

7 08 2008

Now that I’m switching to online sexy activities, I’ve become a student again. Regardless of being comfortable in front of a LIVE audience filming an amateur video is challenging.

Many gentlemen club goers don’t get a rush from watching women on the computer and will walk away from the screen no matter what celebrity chick is grinding. Shockingly, a guy lost interest in Kelly Ripa’s Air Stocking Show immediately.

I’ve learned to expect negative feedback to my precious collection of sensual sexy videos.

The fact is however- more and more women are offering sexy flashes of their lives online. Some are selling products others are outrageous exhibitionists. Whatever the case may be Mystery Mika has become a student out what raids the bank account by driving the male senses mad online.

Here is one of Mystery Mika’s youtube choices. This is Miss jacquelina7152 She submits from Australia

For the record- Australia knows how to throw an after game Party

Well while I’m at it here’s something for Ladies who love Rugby a lot of man in their life

Upskirt Woman part 2

7 08 2008

Are your legs cramped under that office chair? Well since I’m trying to keep Pantyhose Haven from getting flagged for being too naughty- I added this Office Chrissy Moran in Pantyhose heeerre Hehe.

This is a treat for Mystery Mika’s loyal readers!

Second Skin

25 06 2008

Dungeons have many items for severity. When I swung a whip for a living my favorite matter of bondage was the Pantyhose. I thought it was sexy to peel off my second skin and use it to restrain my slave. This is why I’ve chosen to use everything Pantyhose as my first Mystery Mika fetish focal point.

With this Pantyhose Fetish lesson, Cadettes, you will embark upon the wild spectrum of how far a Mistress can develop a Pantyhose Fetish. We will study the light pantyhose slave, the Love pantyhose slave and the severe punishable pantyhose slave over this summer of 2008!

Upcoming we have a Pantyhose video from one of my Favorite youtube.com Pantyhose Priestesses- Penelope Pantyhose. In her videos she is normal, matter of fact which is very much in line with the core of a fetish like Pantyhose. Basically Penelope could be any woman. Her makeup isn’t dramatic and her hair isn’t rock star. She is desirable because she could easily be in the office cubical right next door to you wearing her silky second skin that hugs her tender thigh.

Pantyhose Slavery isn’t about whips and chains. This nylon fetish is all about Presence and texture.

Unlike many other fetishes, Pantyhose are very accessible. Many women wear them on a daily basis which means that men who get off on pantyhose have their fantasy present at most times throughout their day. This is a great insight to the Pantyhose slave.

Pole Tricks Everywhere

19 02 2008

If calling myself Pornography drives readers to Stumbleupon my site- then by all means call me pornography. Where else can Mystery Mika be slipped into a category?

‘Post Sex Education’ as a term hasn’t really been coined yet.

As long as I don’t end up being questioned by the police- guess things are alright.

When Elvis started with his leg shaking and pole tricks he was censored because parents didn’t like the idea of their teenage daughters fainting

Personally I don’t care who he ‘stole’ his moves from. Elvis was jamming like a ‘mo fo

Elvis makes pumping trash look so easy!

Where do Strippers really fall on the food chain? I posed this question this morning to my twitter followers.

A nice lady responded: Strippers fall right below exotic/pole dancers and right above prostitutes.

The main idea seems to be that strippers come in above prostitutes for people who don’t find what Strippers do amazing or involving skill.

As far as being Entertainers, what do most people classify Stripping as? Who is brave enough or desperate enough to do it?

It really depends on who you ask. Stripping is the topic of many hip hop songs.

Check out these Pole lite Girls from Manhattan, New York. Gosh, I will I’d thought of this!

I would bet my right Ugg boot, that the majority would say that stripping is cheap entertainment.

There is of plenty sexy stuff in our mist to have conversations about but most people are too tongue tied.

For the most part, it is good for business that the mainstream can’t get away from being shy when it comes to talking about sex.

If you have never gone to a Gentlemens’ club, then you have no idea of what a pole trick really looks like on stage. Maybe we should just keep it that way.

The women seem wicked. All poke yo booty stuff gets lumped into the same category.

I am completely surprised that Victoria Secrets catalogs make it out in regular mail without having to be sealed in plastic.

Who am I to upset this delicate balance that keeps our society sneaking around and feeling guilty?

How Many Scores Girls wanna look like Brigitte?

18 02 2008

Brigitte Bardot in her own words on being trained.

Here’s Brigitte growing up gracefully- Gentlemen Clubs ladies eat your heart out. How can this be improved upon?

Her poses are timeless. Brigitte is really able to make soul connection with her eyes which trail off playfully. She was comfortable. This is the body language that we should all aim for- not the trashy poses. This woman may have aged out of being a centerfold but her fans are still many. Young men love her!

Check out why by viewing this sweet French slideshow.

Here’s an action clip- Mystery Mika wants to deliver a complete lesson. Men already know this stuff- this one is for the wanna be performers that love bubble gum

No one says Bubble Gum sexier than Brigitte Bardot.

Lick My Porno Cookie Vagina!

27 01 2008


Hiya Cadettes,

Day 2 of walking with the Porno Cookie Goodie Tray went very well. When I say well I mean the girls had fun and the guys had fun watching the girls have fun.

The biggest hit was the cookies shaped like Vaginae. I formed fat vaginae, wide open vaginae, big clit vaginae and floppy lip vaginae.

Blooming artistically with vagina sculpture, I will revisit Georgia O’keefe and study how that painter made eloquent creases and folds.

Even men who are horned out often refer to a pussy as a flower.

Some flowering vagina cookies will be nude for those that request that I not roll their porno cookie in powdered sugar.

The best thing about the Goodie Tray is that it speaks for itself.

The delicate, crispy, miniature, organic shapes assist the ladies who have a difficult time starting a conversation.

All the lady needs to do is grab a cookie and start licking. The flicking of the tongue is intuitive.

I noticed that each dancer had a unique lick pace-I assumed that she was licking my cookie at the speed that she liked to be stroked for pleasure.

The entire experience made a snowy afternoon more intriguing…

until we ran out of Vagina Cookies

The Cock and Ball Cookies were not as much fun.

Perhaps the men should lick those?
For now, it seems as though I’ve found a G spot.

Momma has finally figured out how to get the naughty dancers to do some real performance.

The new Mika Vagina dialogue was like sketchy word jazz. Only the vets knew exactly how and when to stop licking and add robust words that grabbed the customer’s imagination.

One girl exclaimed: I ate cooochie today for the first time!

A guy sitting on a bar stool said with a genuine grin : And we all watched!

The club atmosphere is better for everyone when the ladies put their creativity to use to express themselves sexually.

It is a team effort. Now buy a t shirt so that I can get some more Sugar to lightly dust my fat vagina cookie. If you purchase 5 items from the store leave your comment with this post and I will contact you and send you an autographed print of the above line drawing for FREE!

Click here to see what naughty things are in my store… ah here’s something fun from Soul Sacrifice

Twitter’s Foulbastard #1

13 12 2007


My Dearest Cadettes,

Hope this letter from Twitterverse finds you all doing very well. I am enjoying my sabbatical. It is refreshing to meet new tech geeks and social networking avatars.

Mystery Mika has been following the lyrical cartwheels of Foulbastard on Twitter who is trademarked- which makes us all feel as though we are getting a quality product.

Perhaps Foulbitch is still available.

Recently Foulbastard conducted a Twitterverse Poll: Do you like porn and if so what type?

I have no idea of the exact number of twitters that responded- Foulbastard gets around.

However I sniffed the doghouse this afternoon for the highlights.

According to Twitter’s Foulbastard ‘girl on girl‘ and ‘dirty as hell‘ porn won out.


Given the amount of traffic on my Mika’s Girlfriend post, Mystery Mika is not surprised.

Even in terms of erotic dancing, I’ve noticed that men like it when two girls pair up. It is a turn on for men to watch ladies who like each other A Lot in action.

Part of the turn on, I believe is that the man believes that if he watches carefully he might become a better lover to a woman. In other words women know what women like. A man that can add that knowledge may get more bed action.

Most men are always trying to find ways to get more sex out of their partners.

Dirty as Hell is the winner from the other side of the tracks and is shear fantasy. Dirty as hell means fuck anywhere, any hole at any time.

Men are very accustomed to hearing excuses: baby not tonight, not while the children are in the house, I’m tired, I’m sore etc.

Men need to control themselves in public places and on the job. I believe that watching dirty as hell porn is an escape and men burn off that sexual steam while doing so.

The only thing that could come close to such a release would be to do some extreme cardiovascular workout. But who in the Hell wants to do that?

Mystery Mika’s response to Foulbastard quiz sent some of my followers to the door- but as far as I’m concerned let the door hit em where the Good Lord split ’em. I honestly think that Soap Operas a women version of Porn.

Even though women are forced to be more practical we also long for escape. In most cases our fantasies surround being freed from our position in society or our household financial situation. In the soaps women have control and have net worth based on their beauty, charm or ability to scheme. If it was that easy to get our bills paid we would all be smiling from ear to ear.

Speaking of ears, Foulbastard told me that it was just plain ridiculous of me to even think of a man that listens. That’s why watching soaps goes so well with masturbation- but then that will have to wait for my next letter.

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