16 08 2008

Well Summer is just about over. Mystery Mika has been having a great time at Pantyhose Haven but is  looking forward to a nice Autumn of taking my Show on the road. Pantyhose Haven may be slowing down. There will only be one Pantyhose video added each week or when I’m motivated.

The good news is that Mystery Mika will be coming to a Beauty Shop near you offering several treats!

The Hair documentation on my somewhat mainstream and low key  youtube channel is attracting more views per day than any other thing that I have going. Hair Care and Hair Style is a popular subject which makes me optimistic about taking this Hair matter a step further.

Keep up to date with my Salon Features by subscribing to my youtube channel. I will be documenting special occasion, streaking, frosting , conditioning, relaxer hair processes.

One funny thing that I’ve noticed during my  time behind the camera  at the Salon is that  Fetish does not escape the Beauty Salon.  People have fetishes around Rollers and Capes to start. So not to leave any group out Mystery Mika will purposely strike a pose-

Taking it to the Street

12 05 2008

Hi Ya Cadettes!

We live in the age of the individual. Blogs and How to videos are popping up all over the place. Not only is Mika’s Showgirl School an advice blog- it is post sex education.

Everyone is curious about sexy stuff. Writing about sexy stuff is a guaranteed hit. Unfortunately just being sexy can’t and won’t get a girl through life. Which is why Mystery Mika has been very busy defining the virtual .

It has been my pleasure to design a portal to many thought provoking sites and people who are willing and able to share their useful advice and experiences. Sometimes wisdom is best said from the mouths of babes literally!

I haven’t put my finger on what it is that I do that helps people to open up when I ask a question but I am truly grateful for the oportunity to document experts in all the trades covered so far.

Instead of just using these skills to get a dance, I’ve moved to phase 2 which is pure Journalism.

If you are not new to Mika’s Showgirl School then you already know that I believe that to be a good Showgirl you must multifaceted and mature. A young lady must be able to listen and communicate with people across the cultural spectrum. 

This summer I will be uploading videos to my channel.

Walk with me as I take the Show to the streets of Chicago. My video taping style is no frills or fancy edits. My camera doesn’t have a microphone portal. So I must rely on the in camera mic to pick up the sound. I’ll save my slickness for the club. What you have on my youtube channel is raw footage, no budget, straight to the point interviews and documentation of Life experiences and need to know information.

If you have an opportunity, start asking questions that you really care about the answers to. It will take time to be able to tell when someone is answering with their ego and not their intelligence but eventually you may learn something.  

As a woman, I write for women. I have spent years not knowing how to be what was expected of me. Hopefully my Summers’ video blog and channel will encourage ladies to reach for the stars and become one that shines. 

Girl Fight!

18 02 2008

In the past when the kid gloves came off there was nothing left but nylons and garter belts.

Betty Page captured the hearts of many in her signature black sheer pantie hose, patent leather pumps, stylish bangs. Her milk white skin was a unforgettable contrast to the way she glammed up for the camera.

Here’s a rare television interview with Betty Page. (Mystery Mika loves you, youtube.)

Betty Page wore black and never made it easy for her co stars to hog tie her.

Here’s Betty Page putting up a fight.

Should women really be pulling each others hair to entertain men?

Girl Fight!

It pretty much comes down to compensation.

If you are treated well and get paid well then it is okay.

If you are forced to do things that you don’t want to do and don’t get paid then it feels very bad.

In any business there are people trying constantly to get the upper hand.

Most people consider themselves smart when they see a profit.